Yoga Body Fall Reset Sessions – Monterey California

Mid October 2019
Union Yoga Monterey in Monterey California

Ready for a Reset?

Fall is an ideal time to reconnect or connect with healthier habits on all levels, and let go of what isn’t serving. (Think trees letting go of their leaves) ….

If you are struggling with:

✓ Insomnia
✓ Bloating/excess weight
✓ Digestive issues
✓ Fatigue
✓ Irritability
✓ Low immunity
✓ Skin problems
✓ Anxiety
✓ Allergies
✓ Hormonal imbalances
✓ Brain fog
✓ Stress
Then this Mind-Body program was designed for you!

It is designed to be accessible and easy to implement, as well as customizable and effective in an environment where you will have loads of support from myself and a like-minded community.

Ready to Reset?
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This program is an Ayurveda-inspired Body-Mind reset that includes nutrition, essential oil therapy, lifestyle, self-care, healing wisdom, yoga, self-reflection, stress reduction and much more. It’s a gentle, simple, effective, and customizable journey into living your best life. Enjoy yoga designed to support you in moving through the seasonal transition feeling more balanced, energized, resilient, healthy and calm. It can help ease allergies, digestive issues, energy imbalances, hormonal health, skin problems, stress, mood issues, bloating/unhealthy fat, and much more.

You can expect to come away renewed, restored, and ready to flow into winter strong, vital and energized!

Register early or with a friend for special discounts! Learn more and sign up here.


  • 3 90-minute in person meetings (3 Saturdays)
  • Yoga to support your cleanse
  • E-Guidebook and E-Workbook, including shopping list, simple recipes, menu ideas, resources, meditations, supportive practices and more
  • Daily emails to inspire, motivate and support
  • Starter kit with some supportive items
  • Private call with Ana to customize and troubleshoot
  • Special incentives, gifts and discounts for including yoga as you participate in the Reset

Join us here.

“I Looved the (program). I was feeling very lethargic and carrying a little extra winter weight so it was the perfect time to do a (reset).

The recipes for meals and snacks were all wonderful, and it helped to be accountable to someone other than myself.

I had so much energy and felt great during and after the cleanse. I highly recommend it to everyone!!” ~ Julie Capili, singer & massage therapist,

“The first time I did Ana’s (program) was the spring after returning home from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.  A week of yoga and wholesome organic foods had me full of energy and free of tension headaches. I wanted to keep this going, so when (her program) appeared in my life, I had to try it! I wanted to limit the lack of energy, stomach issues and general overdrive that was so available in my life.

I especially liked the simplicity. (And found it rather simple and fulfilling to follow many of these recipes post-program as well!)

I discovered that many of my bad eating habits are just that – habits. I found myself asking WHY I needed these habits.  I was rewarded with high mental clarity, lightness of being and a better understanding of who I am, and where I’m going.

I’m a busy graphic designer who spends a lot of time at a desk…I find that this environment can be a REAL struggle to engage in activity and healthy eating. After doing this program I am proof that “anyone can reset”!”

~ Katy Hinz, graphic artist and yoga teacher,

“I’ve been working with Ana for two years. I had been suffering from poor sleep, poor digestion, bloating and most frustratingly, allergies and skin rashes. I am in a health related field and for years was doing everything that I thought was the right thing, researching what I put into my body, organic, natural, you name it. Once I met with Ana, she looked at the WHOLE person that I am and we broke down habits that I wasn’t even aware were happening. She set me up with a program and at one point I did slide back, she guided me back on course. I am now where I can meet with her once or twice a year to ensure I’m staying on track. Without a painful transition, I now have a clean diet, my allergies are nearly gone, skin is clear and I sleep like a teenager! She has also given me the tools to know what to order when I dine out with friends. Best of all, through her work, I no longer have brain fog!

I’m incredibly grateful for this woman and her straightforward approach to lifestyle. It is easily applied, realistic and makes a difference in my life. I highly recommend Ana to provide insight and guidance through her programming.” ~ Kelli Nairn, owner Union Yoga

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