“Turning Points: 25 Inspiring Stories from Women Who Have Turned Their Careers and Their Lives Around”

How would you feel if suddenly your life fell apart? What if you found yourself in prison, divorced, seriously ill, bankrupt, disabled, alone, addicted or any one of many other unthinkable disasters? Well, that is exactly the kind of challenge that I and the other 24 incredible women entrepreneurs included in this unique anthology faced. And it is from such dilemmas of life-changing proportions, from such Turning Points, that each of us stopped, took stock and decided to turn our lives around.

Each of us tells our candid story of our lowest moments as well as our eventual incredible achievements.

Along with each story, we provide practical advice, comprehensive resources, connections and ideas as well as countless valuable giveaways and free consultations.

These women are truly phenomenal . . . and are just like you in many ways. They simply decided to grab life by the throat and turn it around, once and for all, for the better. Now it’s your chance to benefit from what they learned along the way.

10% of the royalties from this book will go to Seeds for Development, a small whose mission is to lift farmers out of poverty and support self-sustainability by providing risk free loans.

You can purchase your copy today here!

“Quick. Healthy. Delicious. 50 Favorite Recipes to Feed Your Life!” eBook

This gluten, dairy and sugar-free eRecipe book is designed to rock your tastebuds and your health without your needing to spend hours in the kitchen. Loaded with simple, satisfying recipes that you (and your family) will love like Gluten-free Blender Waffles, Chai Chicken (or Fish), Creamy Butternut Soup, and Flourless Almond Butter Cookies, as well as practical advice on how to shop for maximum quality with minimum investment, how to set up your kitchen and much more!

Body Awakening Audio

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The Vita-Mix – Special Offer!

An investment that will last a lifetime, this invaluable tool is one of my main secrets to
outstanding health, energy and enjoyment!

A whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life. New recommendations encourage consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. This is easily
accomplished by eating amazing-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the
Vita-Mix machine.

Boost your morning with a delicious green smoothie or whole food juice in under a minute. Cook soup from scratch that’s hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes. Make
frozen treats that are dairy-free and delicious in only 30 seconds. Make your own raw food soups, desserts and nut butters in minutes. Grind fresh whole grains into flour and knead dough for healthy home-made bread in one 5-minute operation.
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Excalibur Dehydrator

Make amazingly delicious raw cookies, crackers, pizzas, etc. Create your own healthy dehydrated veggies with this top of the line dehydrator. They have different sizes to fit different needs.

I use mine for all sorts of great recipes, like this flat bread video recipeLearn more>>

Live Superfoods – Wholesale Site

Raw Organic Goji Berries


Amazon Yoga Body Nutrition Store

Chock full with books, dvds, audios, yoga supplies, food products and so much more to support you in living a healthy, vibrant and empowered life! All products are hand-picked by Ana. Visit store now>>

Immune Support With Young Living

Focus on Building your Immune Systems FIND OUT MORE >>

Moxxor: Health is Wealth

In my search for a high quality omega 3 supplement, I have recently been introduced to a most impressive product called Moxxor. By now, many of us have begun to understand the powerful anti-inflammatory, heath health and cognitive function benefits of fish oil. Moxxor is almost 300 time stronger than most fish oil supplements. Moxxor exceeds all my requirements for product purity and potency with no fillers, no chemical solvents, minimal environmental harm and no nonsense. FIND OUT MORE >>

Miracle Noodle

These are versatile, wheat-free, gluten-free, calorie free noodles. You get the pleasure of a noodle without the refined, empty calories. They have some options to choose from and go with just about anything! Miracle Noodle Shirataki – Zero Calorie Noodles!

Vital Choice Seafood


This is a fantastic site! They have a non-acidic coffee with added herbs to help offset the “damage” from coffee. They also have a powdered coconut milk (to add as a creamer or to smoothies), a fabulous green food powder and great water filters. Definitely worth a checking out! Click the image below:

Green Foods

Greens First

Greens First and the other products from Doctor’s For Nutrition are of wonderful quality, taste great and are available only through health care practitioners. You may visit my practitioner site to download informative e-books and request free samples.

Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass is a family run business that has developed some top quality products. I especially like that they have a Kid’s Superfood Blend that has been kid approved!

E3 Live

E3 Live is one of the best products I know of for superior energy, detoxification, mood support and more. They offer a few different products all based on their very high quality blue green algae. A highly recommended product. 

Young Living Essential Oils and Products

Young Living is a premier producer of therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils are made from organic plants and flowers that have been grown in pristine environments, then harvested at the peak of potency and distilled using top of the line methods and equipment. The result are oils that are like none other that I have tried. Along with single oils, Young Living has a unique line of healing blends and essential oil infused supplements.

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Sunfood – Very High Quality Superfoods and Herbs

This is a raw foods ordering site started by David Wolfe. It is a premier resource for superfoods, herbs, books and more.

Oxy-Powder® Starter Cleansing Kit

Oxy-Powder® Starter Cleansing Kit $87.85 [ learn more ] Add to Cart Kit Includes: 1 Bottle of Oxy Powder®, 1 bottle of Livatrex™ and 1 bottle of Latero-Flora™. Cleanses: One 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse and One Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse. Takes 12 days to complete both cleanses. Dr. Group’s Opinion: Easy to Perform, Minimum Dietary Changes, Cost Effective.

Oxy-Powder® Advanced Cleansing Kit

Oxy-Powder® Advanced Cleansing Kit $147.75 [ learn more ] Add to Cart Advanced Cleansing Kit with Livatrex™, Oxy-Powder®, Latero-Flora™ and two bottles of ParaTrex®

Health Begins In The Colon

Health Begins In The Colon $19.99 [ learn more ] Add to Cart The REAL Secret to Health is Finally Revealed! Did you know that disease starts and health begins in the colon? You can read more about how to better your health in Dr. Group’s exclusive book

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