Moxxor: Health is Wealth

This page is to introduce you to three very powerful life tools:

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In my search for a high quality omega 3 supplement, I have recently been introduced to a most impressive product called Moxxor. By now, many of us have begun to understand the powerful anti-inflammatory, heath health and cognitive function benefits of fish oil. Moxxor is almost 300 time stronger than most fish oil supplements. Moxxor exceeds all my requirements for product purity and potency with no fillers, no chemical solvents, minimal environmental harm and no nonsense.

Moxxor is a product that’s grown in sustainable, eco-certified aquaculture farms off the coast of New Zealand. The green-lipped mussels filter out marine phytoplankton from the ocean water, concentrating the rich marine lipids found in that phytoplankton. The result is the most pristine, concentrated form of omega-3 lipids found anywhere in the world.  The company has very high standards and uses no fillers or any other oils. To view the web video presentation click here

A person would have to ingest 248 capsules of salmon oil to create the same anti-inflammatory response from taking just one capsule of Moxxor.  It is truly that powerful. If you are interested in learning more about how you can reap the many benefits of the Moxxor product please visit:

“I have been without Moxxor for a few days. I am now feeling a resurgence of the arthritis pain in my hands which had felt so much better while on the Moxxor. I had been able to return to knitting, which I had given up 3 years ago, I had stopped walking b/c the arthritis and bursitis in my left hip was so bad, even with the cortisone injections every 4 months made it difficult to walk…and I certainly never had the inclination to want to walk. I found myself wanting to take walks again. In part, b/c it didn’t hurt while walking and more importantly, it didn’t kill me for days afterwards as it would have before Moxxor.”

– Jamie A., Carmel Valley, Ca.

To learn more about the science and research click here.

I am excited to be a part of this very new company in its beginning phases. My hope that some of you may be interested in not just experiencing the product, but also experiencing greater abundance in sharing health with others. I have often been skeptical of direct marketing or network marketing companies, but in having direct contact to the founders and experiencing the profound healing benefits of a quality product, I feel confident in joining a network such as this. If you have interest in this business opportunity please visit:

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