Quick. Healthy. Delicious. E-cookbook

Quick. Healthy. Delicious: 50 Favorite Recipes to Feed Your Life!
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E-Recipe book loaded with simple, satisfying recipes to support you (and your family) in a healthy, energized life!

All recipes are gluten, sugar and dairy-free, but do not leave you deprived.
Enjoy Gluten-free Blender Waffles, Chai Chicken, Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Flourless Almond Butter Cookies and so much more!

Includes guidance on how to set up a healthy kitchen, tips for incorporating “gentle cooking” and raw techniques to maximize nutrition, and a great resources guide. These are the favorites that have received consistent rave reviews in Ana’s cooking classes and from her clients.

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  • Ready to take your taste buds for a ride they won’t forget without spending hours in the kitchen?
  • Want to know the secret recipes that allow me to continually wow clients and cooking class students, while being a self-proclaimed “lazy cook”?
  • Ready to learn how you can save time and money on your monthly food expenses, while eating like a queen (or king)?
  • Would you like to have an easy reference of recipes that you know are good for you, beautifying and even bliss-inducing?
  • Longing for ways to make healthy and satisfying food for yourself and your family?
  • Looking for a special gift to give a loved one in need of a boost or a health conscious friend?

Many of these are “the favorites” at my cooking classes, but some are private favorites that I am releasing for the very first time.
Guaranteed to have your taste buds smiling!

Here is a “taste” of what is inside:

  • * Easy Overnight Meuslix
  • * Gluten-Free Blender Waffles
  • * Savory Sage Pate Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
  • * Fennel and Bitter Greens with Citrus Vinaigrette
  • * Ginger Butternut Bisque
  • * Winter Lentil Soup
  • * Buttery Baked Salmon
  • * Creamy Root Vegetable Puree
  • * Curry Millet Tart with Red Pepper Sauce
  • * Decadent Chocolate Tart with Coconut Crust
  • * Flourless Almond Cookies

All recipes are 100% sugar, gluten and dairy free, but do not skimp on flavor. Many utilize my special “gentle cooking technique” to preserve nutrition and maximize flavor.

Having a database of quick, healthy recipes on hand to be invaluable. These are truly recipes and tips that will save you time and money, while allowing you to gain energy and accolades from friends and family.

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Quick. Healthy. Delicious: 50 Favorite Recipes to Feed Your Life!
$19.97 delivered straight to your inbox!

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