Divine Diva Jumpstart: A 4-week Body-Mind Adventure to Uncovering YOU!

Are you ready to step away from stress, struggle and fatigue, and into greater Ease, Energy, Clarity, Vibrant Health . . . and just a splash of Magic?


Because I want to invite you on a virtual journey into Yourself and your Divine nature

Dear Gorgeous Goddess (yes, that is YOU), : )

I invite you to step in and join a Sacred global gathering of women designed to support you in cultivating a real Connection with your Essence, your Power, your Beauty . . . your Divine Diva.

YES!!! You CAN have it all . . .

As a conscious woman on this planet at this unique time in history, you are meant to Thrive . . . NOT to struggle just to survive.

If you are keeping yourself small with health issues, excess weight, body image issues, financial struggle, indecision, fear, depression, exhaustion and stress . . . you are helping NO ONE – especially yourself.

You have dreams, maybe even big dreams . . . and even if they’re small dreams, they are still vitally important.

And yet you’re too tired, stressed, foggy-headed and busy to actually allow these desires to manifest, let alone address your own needs and desires.

You find yourself spinning in circles of doing, doing, doing and end your day with a sense of exhausted lack of real fulfillment.

There has to be an easier way, right?

Yes, there is.

Your Journey Revealed

Welcome, I’m Ana Poirier, and I struggled for many years with health issues, depression, poor body image, my finances . . . EVERYTHING.

I was convinced that I needed to work harder, stress and suffer more to achieve my dreams, or even just to survive.

I believed that maybe life would be better if I just punish myself with even MORE spiritless exercise . . . Or if I ate less fat . . . Or that more cookies, candy or ice cream would drown out my inner pain . . .

I existed in a sea of swirling negativity and believed that if I just kept running, I could finally escape myself . . .

I was sure that the more I demanded of myself, the more I put myself down, that maybe a shift would occur . . . well, it did, but not as I had imagined.

I received a stark wake up call from a trusted holistic doctor who told me that if I kept doing things as I was, that my body would fail – I’d lose my life.

I went on a journey. A journey of many teachers, many hours of study and many thousands of dollars invested . . .

Eventually, I did discover my light, my purpose, my health, my glow and my joy, and I was astounded by the magical attraction that occurred. Dreams and desires I’d craved for years began to “arrive” as if delivered by an unseen magical being . . .

What I discovered along this path is what I’m dedicated to sharing here with YOU!

Align with Your Divine

If you . . .

  • Are in a life transition, unsure of who you really are and how to move forward . . .
  • Struggle with your body image, self-confidence and truly feeling GOOD in your body . . .
  • Can’t seem to pull yourself out from fear and anxiety . . .
  • Are just plain exhausted, and tired of trying so hard and “working it” . . .
  • Struggle with health or body issues even though you feel like you are DOING all the right things . . .
  • Just feel like there’s MORE . . . to you, to life, to why you are here on this planet . . .
  • Struggle to love and connect to the woman in the mirror . . .
  • Find yourself trying to escape from your emotions, stress, and life through food, alcohol, TV, unhealthy relationships . . .

. . . these are just some of the ways your inner Diva is calling out for a Jumpstart and cleanse what is not serving you!

It’s time to let your Divine Light Shine!

Hormonal imbalance, fatigue, skin breakouts, excess weight, digestive issues . . . are all your bodies cries for help.
Depression, fear and anxiety, lack of self-confidence, emotional eating, stress . . . are all your spirit’s cries for help!

Sacred Cleansing to Reveal YOUR Divine Diva

Allow me to introduce you to your Divine Diva (DD).

Your DD is way at the center of your being, and she cannot be touched or seen.

She’s pure energy, pure light.
She’s incredibly powerful, but also quite vulnerable to certain conditions. The key is
acknowledging that this is a relationship, a 2-way street. You can’t expect her to thrive, when you’re creating a “Diva-hostile” environment! : )

After over 15 years of experience in the field of holistic health, it is very clear that in
order to truly heal, you need address the whole package my dear – the body, the mind, the emotions AND the spirit.

That’s what this sacred cleansing journey is about.

What it’s NOT about is restriction, struggle, will-power, portion control and rigidity in any area of your life!

What it IS about is Freedom, Inspiration, Enjoyment and a willingness to explore the “Delicious Discomfort” of expanding into Yourself and your True Nature – and all the rewards that come with that.

My Heartfelt Promise

This will be an Experience, a Divine Journey to uncover your ESSENCE, HEALTH and RADIANCE as the unique woman you are. It will be unlike any detox or cleanse program you have ever done.

My intention is for you to leave your our week experience together with a deeper connection to yourself and your body – cleansed of your stress, totally re-energized, equipped with new tools to bring into your life, and feeling completely nourished from the inside out.

“I am Day 1 of being back from the Divine Diva Detox with Ana Poirier and WOW! A true Goddess-send. Talk about being rejuvenated, restored and grounded. Major CLARITY! I now see how to handle a challenging matter at hand, with LOVE, COMPASSION & GRACE & POWER. Get ready…here it comes…!”
~ Salina Munoz, www.powerfulshe.com


“I worked with Ana during a very difficult, yet transformative time in my life. I had personal issues with trusting my food decisions, even though I been in tune with my body. My relationship to food was a battle and so was TRUST.
I was always trying to lose weight, I would have tons of cravings for salt, sugar and unhealthy comfort food.

Ana has given me the tools and confidence to look at my emotional relationship to food & it feels SO liberating. It has helped me focus on my yoga practice, movement, & the passion of my artistic photographic work.

With her help, I have more positive energy. I enjoy cooking and eating wisely & it’s an important part of my ritual of self care.

The knowledge and the tips I gained from Ana have been invaluable.

Her deep compassion, knowledge, and spirituality helped to support my feminine journey towards furthering my passion of art and the body.”
~ Jan M., artist, yogini


An exclusive 4-week body-mind Jumpstart that is right
for you if you’re ready to . . .

  • Creatively explore your inner world
  • Effortlessly shed unsupportive habits (samskaras)
  • Release the stress that is keeping you tired, stuck and uninspired
  • Connect with other health-minded Divine Divas
  • Deeply heal mind-body-soul
  • Experience a transformational journey from the comfort of your home
  • Pamper & indulge your senses
  • Gently cleanse the body, emotions and spirit
  • Raise your vibration so that you ATTRACT what you desire with ease
  • Clear toxic emotions and habits that are blocking what you desire
  • Wish to awaken to your truth, beauty and divine inspiration

THE DIVINE DIVA JUMPSTART is based on the concept that PRANA, or life force, is the fuel of a healthy, beautiful body; an energized, yet calm mind; a passionate heart; an inspired spirit
and purpose; an empowered life and living your truth; and a prosperous existence.

When Prana is blocked, you feel stuck, tired, uninspired, depressed, angry, anxious, bloated, disconnected . . .when Prana flows, so does life.

And most specifically, when you learn to consciously direct Prana, life flows with ease in the way of your higher self,
your Divine Diva.

**Next Live Teleclasses TBA**

**So be sure you are on our newletter to be the first to know

How it all Works:

  • Our first live call takes place on the New Moon in June 2012, but the transformation begins right away! Once you make this commitment to do some truly beautiful for yourself, you will step into a new energy just from saying “YES” to YOU!
  • The Jumpstart program takes place over 4 weeks with 4 live weekly group calls led by Ana. All of these calls will be recorded, so that you won’t miss a thing should the meeting time be inconvenient.
  • Each week’s call is accompanied by written materials, audios, videos and exercises to take your experience deeper and allow it to serve YOU and your evolution.
  • Between our calls, your inbox will be sprinkled with divine “love notes” to steep you in the our body-mind cleansing experience, provide you with support, and invite you to take inspired action.

Ready to Say YES?!!!

In Your Divine Diva Experience you will:

  • Create a personal intention and “Diva vision” so exciting it will make you squeal!
  • Learn how to release your ever expanding “To Do” list and allow things to be divinely “taken care of”
  • Experience 3 Sacred Breath Techniques to enhance your energy and ease your emotions
  • Learn to cultivate and use the power of your 3 Energy Centers, and tap into a deep healing and power.
  • Utilize an amazing free tool that powerfully cleanses the body, mind and emotions, and opens you to receiving what you truly want
  • Learn a profound and simple technique to letting go of the past and open to your desires
  • Dive into Ritual Creation: Inspired Rituals are the foundation of Igniting your Radiant health and purpose
  • Experience the secrets to gracefully releasing self-sabotage
  • Have access to replenishing recipes to feed your Radiance – like the Sacred Stress-free Smoothie, Daily Beauty Beverage, Energy Elixir & Calming Cocktail
  • Receive my simple and divine recipe for the exclusive Diva Truffles, so that you never feel deprived!
  • Experience a Sacred Mantra that connects you more deeply to your truth and knowing
  • Learn the 3 powerful ways to move the energy that’s keeping you stuck and small, tired and uninspired
  • Discover your customized Ritual Bluprint
  • Experience the profound “Morning Exploration” (there is NO right way, only YOUR way)
  • A weekly ritual that will energize and inspire you like nothing else!
  • The secret to sexy that’s so simple you’ll smile : )
  • Ancient techniques to open energy centers and relieve stress and emotional issues on the spot

Oh, and there are BONUSES!

Bonus #1
Essential Oil Guide for Instant Emotional Balance
the closest thing I have found to a magic pill for shifting your energy and mood

Bonus #2
Gorgeous Affirmation cards
pdf format allow you to print as many copies as you want and post them everywhere as powerful visual reminders.

Bonus #3For the first 5 women ONLY
Exclusive Body Awakening Audio – this audio is equivalent to a private 30-minute retreat with Ana. Release blocks as you relax deeply, recharge your energy and ignite the positive attraction that allows you to experience more joy, love, beauty and abundance.

. . . And some surprises too!

This is your moment to make a commitment to YOU, and reap the lifelong rewards of finally Embodying your Divine Diva, allowing your dreams to unfold as the woman you came here to be.


1 payment of $197

Or 2 payments of $108 each (2 weeks apart)

“In our work together, Ana led me to a calm, relaxed state, then identified where I was encountering blocks.
With the practical tools Ana taught me (exercise, breathing techniques, essential oils, ideas on how to reframe the way I think and operate within the world), I was able to immediately create a new work environment and alter my commitment to
myself in a deep, beneficial way. After our session I felt so serene and at ease it was like I had taken a four-hour nap. I’m just blown away by the wonderful work Ana does and am thrilled to report that with her help, things are really starting to flow for me. Thank you Ana!”
~ Rose Cole, author of “High Priestess Training”

Still not sure if this program is truly what your body, heart and soul require?

Register here to receive an exclusive FREE 90-minute audio, where I offer a taste and a chance for you to experience some of the powerfully life-changing techniques in this program. Sign up here to receive your audio.

“The Divine Diva Detox is a sacred journey that allows you to detox your body and mind, and shine the light on your Divine Diva within. Ana is a wonderful guide, creating a sacred and safe space, while gently encouraging you to dive deeper and make the most of this journey. Her tools and techniques, along with her guidance, have helped me discover more about my inner divine diva which has allowed me to manifest more of what I want to experience in my life. I highly recommend her DDD program.” ~ Gina Rafkind VedaSun.com

Goddess Rossa“After working with Ana my life transformed. She guided me towards listening to my feelings, to love me again, and then, I discovered that I was asleep, that I was dormant in my daily routine. That it seemed easier for me ‘not to think about me and continue to be blind’…
The moment I decided to work with Ana, a little window began opening, I began to re- think my life, my love, my entire being… During this process, I had Ana’s encouragement and support and discovered my inspired purpose. My big vision has now easily started to take shape! Thank you Ana!”
~ Rossa, “Paralegal Monterey”

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