Life Path Astrology® Readings

Using the lens of your astrological birth chart, Ana will assist you in clarifying and gaining a deeper understanding into your unique Life Path and Soul’s Purpose. Her intention is to offer tangible steps in overcoming any challenges, and living, creating and acting from a more aligned and supportive place. I look forward to supporting you on your Life Path!

During this time, I am offering readings for a sliding scale rate. Click the Pay button below if you are able to pay the full rate of $227. Otherwise, sliding scale is $88-$227. Send your payment via Venmo to Ana-Poirier-1, or PayPal me here.

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Love Path Astrology Reading (for 2)

Using both of your birth charts (you and your partner, or potential partner), Ana will evaluate key areas that relate to emotions, communication, healing, growth, love language, passion, motivation and karmic energy. This is designed to offer you, as a couple, clarity and awareness around evolving harmoniously together, and living more into the Life Path purpose of your relationship. A healing meditation may be included,  if desired. You’ll receive a recording of your session. $338

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What others are saying:

“I’m so glad I decided to do a Reading with Ana. She was able to offer me a view of my core self, through a clear lens, untainted by years of life; and her reading was dead-on accurate. It’s difficult to put into words how empowering, validating, supportive and inspiring it was (and continues to be) to get confirmation through such a clear areal view. Using her reading as an additional life tool, I’m able to move forward into this next phase of life focusing on my whole health, and some specific areas of physical health; to help strengthen and expand the foundation for life moving forward, and to further embrace the whole of who I am in doing so. Thank you so much Ana.l” – Cheryl G.

Wowww! Amazing to listen to and so in-depth, thank you so much Ana, truly was so spot on, and things to work on!
Thank you
– Katie V.

Love Path Reading:

“Oh my gosh you are so sweet!! We loved our reading, and definitely have been making comments like ‘oh that’s your Cancer moon showing’ hahaha! It was super informative, and a great experience:) Thank you again:)” – Dena E.

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