Body Blueprint Reading

In this unique session, I use your Astrological birth chart along with Ayurvedic health principles to support you in a deeper understanding of how you relate to your body and food. We’ll then customize a plan to best support your energy, vitality, health and empower your life!

Sessions are all held over Zoom audio (no video) and include a digital copy of the recording.

This session reveals:

  • What your body needs to heal and thrive
  • How to support and heal your innate “wounds” around body, food and self
  • What are your personal motivators – how to easily stick with your health goals
  • How to stay emotionally motivated and on track
  • Types of foods, practices and habits that actually feed your “best self”

Once you pay with the button below, you’ll be taken to my calendar to book your time. I can’t wait to support you with this special session!

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“I’m so glad I decided to do a Body Blueprint Reading with Ana. She was able to offer me a view of my core self, through a clear lens, untainted by years of life; and her reading was dead-on accurate. It’s difficult to put into words how empowering, validating, supportive and inspiring it was (and continues to be) to get confirmation through such a clear areal view. Using her reading as an additional life tool, I’m able to move forward into this next phase of life focusing on my whole health, and some specific areas of physical health; to help strengthen and expand the foundation for life moving forward, and to further embrace the whole of who I am in doing so. Thank you so much Ana. Cheryl”

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