Body Blueprint Reading

In this unique session, I use your Astrological birth chart along with Ayurvedic health principles to support you in a deeper understanding of how you relate to your body and food. We’ll then customize a plan to best support your energy, vitality, health and empower your life!

Sessions are all held over Zoom audio (no video) and include a digital copy of the recording.

This session reveals:

  • What your body needs to heal and thrive
  • How to support and heal your innate “wounds” around body, food and self
  • What are your personal motivators – how to easily stick with your health goals
  • How to stay emotionally motivated and on track
  • Types of foods, practices and habits that actually feed your “best self”

Once you pay with the button below, you’ll be taken to my calendar to book your time. I can’t wait to support you with this special session!

Special Rate! $149 $77 (limited time)

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