Is it really possible . . .

to achieve a slim, sexy, stress-free & energized body you love that is healthy inside and out?

No matter how many diets you have tried . . . Or how hopeless and lost you may feel?

All in as little as 10 weeks?


  • Feeling boundless energy and passionate about your life
  • Effortlessly slipping into your sexiest outfit and feeling INCREDIBLE without ridiculously restrictive diets
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food and your body – FOR GOOD
  • Balancing mood issues WITHOUT medication
  • REVVING UP your metabolism with amazingly delicious foods
  • Learning to LOVE your body, and feeling sexy NOW
  • Enjoying successful and satisfying relationships
  • Making more money (yes, your health and wealth are intimately connected)
  • Bounding out of bed with excitement and passion to face the day
  • Discovering the blueprint that truly works for YOU
  • Reducing STRESS and enjoying your life
  • And never falling off the wagon again . . .

I am here to tell you that this can be done.

AND it can be done all from the comfort of your home at a price you CAN afford!

Achieve a resilient, energized and vibrant self

without deprivation and dieting;
without getting caught in diet dogma or counting calories;
without giving up all the things that give your body real joy.
In fact, you don’t even have to give up chocolate!

Dear beautiful soul,

I’m Ana Poirier, a holistic health and nutrition coach, yoga teacher as well as a former body hater, and I assure you that ALL of this is possible. And better still, it’s possible without drugs, drastic surgeries, dieting, deprivation or thousands of dollars.

You CAN achieve the results you want with simple steps and minimal cost.

The best part? You’ll see results right away and make your investment back within weeks as you become more productive and avoid unnecessary medical expenses.

This program is what I call “cheap health insurance”, and it’s insurance that gives real vitality, not a quick fix cover up.

Before you blow this off as just another diet or some complicated program devised by someone who has no idea what you are going through, I want to assure you that I’ve been there.

In my early 20’s I was at rock bottom. I would alternate between starving myself and binging on sugar. I was riding a roller coaster of guilt, denial and self hate so strong it was literally destroying my body, my relationships and life.

Low energy and excruciating digestive pain kept me from doing just about anything! And dangerous mood swings and hormonal imbalances made it seem impossible to dig myself out of a dark hole where I suffered from depression, acne, migraines, infertility, bone loss and extreme adrenal fatigue.


But that’s all changed. It’svery easy to get caught up in life – making money, working, family, trying to survive – and forget that THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is YOU & your health.

What happens for most of us? Our health has to get to a scary place before we realize we realize how challenging EVERYTHING is without it.

I can tell you from personal experience that the health, vitality and joy that flows through your body affects EVERYTHING!

It affects the amount of money you have, your relationships, your life purpose, even  your thoughts and emotions.

And of course, on the very surface level, it affects how your look – your glow, your radiance . . .  and your weight. I made life very hard for myself for many years, and my health suffered almost to the point of destroying me completely. But thankfully I was able to get the support to actually reverse what many doctors told me couldn’t be reversed! I literally transformed my body (and life), and can show you how to do it for yourself.

Start your Journey Today

 I had pretty severe mood swings, cravings and emotional binging when I first started working with Ana. I also had about 40 pounds of extra weight I had been carrying around for long enough, and was ready to let go of it once and for all. I felt like I already knew a lot, so had some skepticism, but Ana’s program proved to just the support and encouragement I needed to enjoy success.

My blood sugar stays more stable & I’m not craving sweets. YAY!!!The most amazing piece for me was the self-exploration ritual- learning which foods MY body desires & when & how much to eat them.

Now, it’s 6 months later & I am still sticking to my priorities that I set, about 90% of the time. I have lost 20 lbs slowly & steadilysince the beginning without counting calories, carbs or fat grams. I am at the half-way mark of my weight-loss goal & it has not been a struggle, nor have I felt deprived.

If you want to feel your best & have step-by-step assistance getting there, sign up now! You’ll thank yourself for years to come.— Pamela Hipp, Reiki Master,

I was struggling with trying so hard and thinking about weight loss all the time, but not making any progress. I felt like it was a constant battle, and a frustrating one, because I would take one step forward and one step back, so I never saw any results.

Ana is so patient – she takes clients wherever they are and has amazing ideas, strategies, and compassion and knowledge. With her help I have finally made progress and it hasn’t been a struggle, it was like it just happened one day.

It really is a multi-faceted approach. I would recommend her for anyone who feels they need just a little assistance to a lot, she personalizes the program to fit your specific needs and goals.— Teresa H. Seaside, CA

“One of my best kept secrets:
To all my spirited, soul LADIES desiring AMAZING breakthroughs: muffin top disappear, edical/health crap, mother issues, anxiety, in a rut, zero love life, money funk….yadda yadda yadda….

Ana Poirier is It. She’s one of my Yoda’s, if you may. Her programs gently melt you at your core!
Time is ticking…you’re not getting any younger. =) XO”
~ Salina Muñoz |

In order to actually feel and look better, you need to begin working on your foundation – physical health. And it is important to begin  to take action – NOW!

The good news  is that taking action does not need to be about dieting, restriction, punishment or guilt. It can be a joyful journey that is easy . . . Especially when you have support.

I am so passionate about lifting you up to your radiant self, that I would do it for you if I could. But the truth is, I can’t do it for you.

PLUS, the process of transformation is so amazing and rewarding, I wouldn’t want you to miss out. : )

If you feel like you have tried and tried so many times and failed, I want to invite you to a new way. A way that is totally revolutionary, and turns a lot of conventional wisdom on its head . . . And it works!

Sure you could try it on your own, struggle with trying to figure out all the conflicting advice out there, stay painfully numb and medicated . . .

But I believe you are reading this because you want something more. And I know without a doubt that something more is 100% possible for you.

So, although I can’t do it for you, I CAN be your cheerleader, guide and mentor. I can show you the path that is unique to you and provide support and accountability you are missing to ensure that you stay on track.


The Virtual 10-week BlissBody
Transformation Program

A revolutionary holistic program that you can join from absolutely anywhere in the world!

This virtual holistic health program offers maximum support at a very low investment.


  • The big secret to long-term, sustainable and “feel-good” weight loss or maintenance (this not what you think)
  • The hidden lifestyle habits and foods that are keeping you from realizing your beautiful, blissful body and life.
  • About magic metabolic foods
  • How to shop to maximize your health and your budget
  • The biggest thing that is sabotaging your ability to release weight or unhealthy eating  habits that are keeping you from really shining your radiance and connecting to your life path and joy.
  • How to make simple and amazingly delicious meals for yourself and your family
  • And so much more!


  • 10 weekly audios, which present the step-by-step system I offer in my private practice. Every week you will get a new audio delivered to your inbox, and you can listen to the course material at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in your pj’s if you like. Each week’s materials build on each other, and offer clear action steps to get you results fast. The value of my 10-week private coaching program is valued at over 4 times your total investment for this program!
  • Weekly Work/Playbooks loaded with resources, exercises, recipes, self-tests and inspiration to make your program a success
  • All the amazing handouts, protocols and worksheets that I use in my one-on-one practice delivered to you weekly. These make change easy and taking action a piece of cake. They offer you a personal visual road map to health. These materials include proven tools for common issues like blood sugar issues, digestive problems, stress, adrenal exhaustion (oh, so common), Candida, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance and more!
  • Tracking systems that ensure you can quickly become the expert of your own body, and apply the teachings in this program like a pro for maximum success. Plus, when you really begin to understand what is going on for you, you become empowered and informed.

** It is well known that I promise less and over-deliver, so rest assured that you will get TONS of insider secrets and tricks that I have gathered over my 10 plus years in the field of holistic health and nutrition. This means you get to where you want to go quickly and with EASE – no guesswork!

Be the creator of your new health destiny! But you need to TAKE ACTION!


Now, here’s where things get juicy . . .

I am known for spoiling my clients, so take a look at these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1 My famous 14-day detox, which you can customize to suite  your needs. This is the kick-start to feeling 10 years younger and a whole new level of health. ($197 value)
Bonus #2 Four different assessments to customize your experience in a way that will uniquely work for you. Includes basic metabolic and Ayurvedic assessments. ($97 value)
Bonus #3 A one-on-one “get on track” strategy session with Ana to customize exactly what YOU require to succeed in your program. You’ll have questions as you move forward, but I want nothing more than for you to succeed. In this private phone session, we trouble shoot what could be causing any challenges and create unique game plan for YOU. ($250 value)
Bonus #4 A set of beautiful affirmation cards to keep you motivated and on track. We schedule the strategy session mid-way through your program, to trouble shoot, course correct and get you back on track quickly and easily. This is where I help you release any hidden barriers and move to the next level. ($57 value)

So for the number lovers out there, the value of just the bonuses is worth more than the cost of the program ($601 in bonuses)! Are you scratching your head wondering why I am giving so much away at such a low price?

Well, the truth is that I really want this decision to be easy. No nickel and diming, no hemming and hawing, no loans need to be taken out.


I have a big dream to help as many people as possible reach outstanding heights in their health AND happiness. This is about honestly being of service in the best way I know how.

The best part? As you upgrade your own life and transform your body, your family will benefit (whether they like it or not, :)). Think about the example you can set for your children, and the benefits that can extend to your spouse or significant other. Wouldn’t it be great to know you are having an impact on those you love?


I stand behind this program so firmly, that if you honestly follow the program and do not feel that it has delivered any benefit, I will happily refund your investment (minus admin fees) out of my own pocket up to 30 days after you begin your program. I want to remove any and all obstacles. You even get to keep all your materials. My hope is that by my taking all the risk, you will not think twice about making this phenomenal commitment to yourself, and say a big “YES” to looking, feeling and living your best.

Why do I take the risk? I don’t want you to waste your time and money on something that is not right for you, and I am 100% confident that my techniques really do work. I want you to feel completely at ease about committing yourself in a big way.


  • You struggle with your weight, your energy, your mood as well as your relationship to food and your body
  • You have tried diets before without long-term success or satisfaction
  • You are ready to shed weight, gain abundant energy and really feel AMAZING and Resilient to life’s stressors
  • You are tired of feeling fatigued; unhappy with your body and health; or just not feeling as good as you would like
  • You are ready to discover your personal Body Blueprint
  • You suffer from “beauty” problems like pre-mature aging, breakouts, thinning hair, skin rashes or cellulite
  • You want to maintain your health and make it even better
  • You feel like your physical body – weight, low-energy, health issues – are getting in the way of your living a full and abundant life.
  • You are ready to have the support of a proven program that is unique to YOU

Okay Ana, sign me up!

* This entire transformational home study program, including all the support and materials, is just

$497 paid in full = BEST VALUE! (save 12%)

for the entire homestudy program (classes and coaching ; materials sent by email; recipes; resources; amazing support)


** 3-Pay Option Make 3 Easy payments of $197 (every 3 weeks)

If you are really ready to embody a powerful healthy YOU; look and feel younger, have real energy to spare; transform you relationship to food and your body; discover your unique body blueprint; and really create the life of your dreams at a price that is very hard to beat . . . By all means sign up today, so you can snag your bonuses and get on track! : )

P.S. Remember you can do this program in the comfort of your own home, on YOUR own time.

** Upon Registration, you’ll receive an email from asking you to confirm your request. Once you click the link to confirm, you will begin to receive your materials.

For questions, more info, or to register by check – Contact us (831) 222-0363,


Warning this is not a diet.

You will not count calories or points or fat grams or carbs . . . ever! You must understand this program may transform your eating and your life for good. Feeling this great can be addictive.