Does Failure = Success?


sometimes it's not so black & white

sometimes it’s not so black & white

Betcha didn’t know this about me …

I dropped out of not one, but TWO colleges! Then never ended up completing a formal bachelor’s degree. When I decided to drop out of college #2, I thought “ughh, what a failure I must be!” … “Everyone is going to think I’m a big failure & drop out!

Here’s the thing … quite the opposite occurred. When I announced to my fellow Dance majors that I was dropping out and leaving, many of them called me brave, and actually said that they wished they could do the same …


“But aren’t I just giving up?” I thought.

This belief that I was a failure was not actually what my higher self knew to be true. It was just my ego afraid of giving up an identity that had shaped who I thought I was for almost 20 years. I had always been “a dancer”.

The reason I had to leave a career track that I had worked so hard at for so many years was because my heart, body and spirit knew this was not the path for my highest good. When I made that very difficult decision to “throw away” all that hard work, I actually felt like I had no other choice. It was like the divinely guided, wiser part of me took over, and I simply had to stop.

So I threw in the towel, and what I discovered was that I was exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically spent. I had been so abusive to myself for so many years, that all parts of me had had enough.

I knew I could feel better somehow, but I didn’t really know how … yet.

Fast forward through working with multiple healers, holistic nutrition school, yoga trainings and massage certification. Then forward on through multiple investments in business trainings, high-level mentors and coaches, mastermind groups and learning about internet marketing … and I found myself working with individuals and groups from all over the world coaching them around their mental, emotional and physical health, and essentially holding space for them to shift their lives in positive ways on all levels.

What I’ve discovered along this path, is that when we listen to that inner knowing/your heart’s truth/intuition (or whatever you want to call it), you create space for more of what you are here to experience, do, enjoy and receive. You open more fully to better health & relationships; more opportunities for business and income growth; a greater ability to serve; and increasing freedom to really live your life’s purpose.

Now, was leaving college a failure? In some people’s eyes it can absolutely look that way.

Is the dissolving of a long-term relationship or marriage a failure? In some people’s eyes it can seem this way.

Is making a poor investment or business choices a failure? In some people’s eyes in can definitely look that way.

Is losing faith in yourself and your gifts a failure? Only if you stay there and allow it to keep you small.

I have had so many “failures”. So many times where I was led to do things that seemed crazy or like I was giving up … or felt totally against the grain.

And I know without a doubt that they are what made me stronger.

They are what have fed into greater levels of success.

And most importantly, these “failures” have been rich compost that has nourished my continuing to evolve, grow and enjoy this beautifully rich life filled with love and beauty. Is it always pretty? No.

Is it always easy? Not at all.

But it has ALWAYS been beautiful and rich.

Sometimes we have to take a risk. ..

Sometimes it’s a risk of the heart.

Sometimes it’s a financial risk.

Sometimes it’s a risk of our “image”.

Sometimes it’s risking what others may think or what you believe you are supposed to do, but know in your heart you just can’t.

I believe as humans we all have the opportunity to live fuller richer lives by taking these risks … but I know that as an entrepreneur or “solo-preneur” these risks become almost mandatory.

But how do you know it’s a “good” risk? Usually, there’s this exhilarating mix of fear and excitement. Sometimes it’s just this gut feeling that says “I just have to”.

Can you think of the times when you’ve felt any of these “good risk” sensations or knowings?

Have you followed them or ignored them?

Have you encountered any difficult, but necessary leaps of faith? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

I’d also love to invite you into a very special opportunity where the only upfront potential risk is a little bit of your time.

I’ve been “secretly” coaching other holistic entrepreneurs and creatives in building their businesses, creating signature programs, filling their practices, increasing their income, and essentially supporting them in living more of their passion, purpose and truth as they serve in a bigger way.

I’ve worked with clients who are transitioning out of a job into having their own business, as well as those who have been getting by in their practices, but struggle to make ends meet financially.

If any of this speaks to you, I’m inviting you to a no-cost conversation with me, 1-on-1, where we can go over what you are struggling with, clarify your vision & goals, and create an action-oriented AND aligned plan to move you forward in your business and life.

Click here to schedule your complimentary session

And because of my commitment to the holistic process, I often weave a bit of health coaching into our work together. As one of my lawyer friends like to say “health is the best investment you can make.

Amen to that 🙂

Am I still doing health coaching? Absolutely!

If that is more of the support you require, then feel free to contact me to learn more about that as well.

Wishing you a beautiful emergence into the expansive joy of summer!

In loving support of your brilliance,






PS – My ultimate vision and purpose is to support you in thriving and really living your brilliance. I would love to chat with you about creating your fulfilling, profitable,  heart-based business … click here to reserve a time at no cost.

 Ashleigh O“Before I began working with Ana my new holistic nutrition business was already falling apart! I didn’t have a niche market, I had no idea how to attract new clients, and I felt like I was running in a hamster wheel, I was putting in tons of effort but was not getting anywhere. Ana inspired me to find my passion again, make a plan, and take action! She helped me determine my niche market, create an entire 3 month program, and discover new ways to reach my target market. During our time together I began working with 2 new clients, have multiple talks set up for the future to reach more of the right people, and know how to create different programs for my business. I feel more confident and strong than ever to go out there and make a living fulfilling my passion.”

Ashleigh Oxford
Miss Health Nut




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