Virtual Mind-Body Reset Spring 2021

Join us for an incredible and unique opportunity to elevate your health and spirit during a time that is beckoning us all towards greater self-care and planetary consciousness, while receiving live virtual support from Ana and your Reset community!

This Ayurvedically-inspired program is customizable and appropriate for all levels of health seekers. It will assist you in releasing what no longer serves, while clarifying your path at this potently uncertain moment in time. You’ll feel lighter, and more empowered and at peace on all levels, mind-body-spirit.

Join the Reset!

What is the Reset?

This is a self-paced, customizable, holistic and supported group cleanse experience, that is both gentle and provides results. It’s a food-based cleanse, so no fasting. However, using specific Ayurvedic practices that mimic a fasting state, we reboot fat burning, and metabolic flexibility. Although it can be beneficial, fasting can trigger stress response (especially if you are still working/engaging with normal life), which is will only erase any potential benefits. (Plus it takes willpower!)

This experience allows your body, mind, and spirit to enjoy a rest and a reboot using specific seasonal dietary framework, optional supplements, and lifestyle shifts.

Why Reset?

Some of the results experienced by past “Reseters”:

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Healing of Food Intolerances
  • Easing of digestive issues (better digestion, metabolism, fat burning)
  • Balancing blood sugar
  • Increased and more balanced energy
  • More balanced hormones
  • Metabolic flexibility = greater resilience of health and vitality
  • Decreased belly bloat and overall “puffiness”
  • Weight balance – whether your underweight or overweight
  • Increased immunity, better resilience to stress
  • Balanced mood – many experience a more peaceful ease of being
  • Deeper connection to and clarity of what your body and spirit truly needs!

Ana, you are the best! Your energy is so amazing and it feel so comfortable. I had such a good experience with this program that I decided to keep on detoxing. I feel so much better! I’m so grateful for your guidance and care! Thank you!”

– Lisa Jimenez

What you’ll receive:

  • All digital materials, including guidebook, recipes, menus, sample schedules, meditations, daily rituals and resource guide
  • 3 Live  Zoom meetings with  Q&A, PLUS a bonus surprise class! 🙂
  • Practical healing techniques, nutrition and mind-body exercises
  • Recordings of our live meetings
  • Private FB group for 24 hour support and inspiration
  • Inspirational emails
  • Bonus materials, including complimentary supplement support review with custom plan/template (*supporting yourself in this way is ESPECIALLY critical during this pandemic); meditation, yoga and more!
  • Access (and discount) to my professional dispensary of supportive herbs and supplements (optional, but hugely helpful)
  • Other valuable surprises 🙂
  • Invaluable insight into your body, and what you require to thrive in this new earth.
  • Results! Participants in our last Reset experienced easy weight release; increased energy; relief of acid reflux; deeper connection to what truly feeds them; relief from inflammatory conditions and joint pain and so much more!

“Ana’s Reset is a gentle approach to a cleanse during this pandemic time. Once I got over my resistance to start, I found it easy to follow and quite pleasant. The recipes in her packet were simple, delicious, and direct, and her self nurturing suggestions were a pleasure. By the end of the 10 days, I had lost six pounds (so far staying off) and lost sweet cravings. I also found that my chronic cough, due to reflux, was gone!” – Maria B.

Our kick off Zoom meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 7th, with details coming soon

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