Exquisite Energy Exploration Session

Ready to discover YOUR personalized Exquisite Energy Template . . . & learn to invigorate your Mind-Body while inspiring your spirit?

Step up today and enjoy your initiation into embodying your Energized Empress-in-training with this unique 1-on-1 Exquisite Energy Exploration session.

The Exquisite Energy Exploration is a private introduction to a new world of energizing nutrition, lifestyle rituals and attitudes, customized for your health goals, lifestyle and desires. You and I will take a full hour to connect by phone or skype, and break through the myths and misconceptions that are keeping you tired, stuck and uninspired.

Together, we’ll strategize on some key inspired actions to embrace immediately, while deciding which level of transformational “Exquisite Energy” coaching is for you (1, 3 or 5 months).

This exploration session is rooted in the YBN belief that enjoyment, energy and radiant vitality are all available to you when you CHOOSE to receive them. This is a discovery session to show you how easy, playful, delicious and sensually satisfying your Exquisite Energy renewal can be!

During your Exploration, you’ll learn to:

  • Tune into your personal Exquisite Energy Template, so that you can choose the foods and actions that support steady energy and balanced mood.
  • Spot the choices that fuel your goals and ignite your spark, and the habits that are sabotaging your best intentions.
  • Create an easy & inspiring Exquisite Energy Empowerment Plan to direct the results you desire around your weight, energy, exercise and wellness WITHOUT sacrificing pleasure or taking drastic leaps.

Ready to experience Exquisite Energy?

You invest only $147 (normally $250)* for your 1-on-1 Exquisite Energy Exploration Session when you book by April 30th, 2012 – Get a head start on an Exquisitely Energized and Sumptuously Sexy Summer of 2012
Limited Slots available


*Upon payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions to schedule your session time slot, using my convenient online calendar.

** If you decide to move forward with a personalized Exquisite Energy coaching program, your payment will be applied to the cost of your program – it’s a tiny down payment with HUGE healthy returns.

Here is what Suzanne experienced – And she only added ONE thing!

“The session was divine! My energy shot through the roof! Thank you for bringing an amazing, life-changing habit into my life! Merci, Ana! It was great fun and super informational :)”

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