Your Radiant Diva VIP Day Experience

What if all the pieces could finally begin to come together, you could get out of your own way, design your ideal vision, and then live it in a healthy, fulfilling and energized way?

What if you could let go of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that are keeping you from your dreams – your true life?

What if you could actually live Your Radiant inner Diva?

I am excited to be inviting a select few to come experience their Radiant inner Diva this Spring & Summer.

Come spend an entire day (or two) with me this Spring or Summer 1-on-1 and experience an in-depth immersion into my world and YOUR personal Radiance Formula . . . while enjoying an inner and outer shift that WILL stick.

Imagine a day that’s all yours, to focus on your dreams, desires and goals – physical, spiritual and even financial. This is an incredible and life-altering experience that WILL elevate all aspects of your life into one Unified, Expansive, Sensually Aligned and Radiantly Healthy work of art . . . that truly feeds YOU.

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy, play and get seriously empowered and supported to manifest your Body-Mind dreams . . .

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You know you require a change, and are ready for some loving and powerful support
  • You know in your heart that there is more for you, and yet you can feel some of the physical and spiritual resistance holding you back.
  • You understand the value of having support and outside perspective to assist you in aligning with the next big steps on your journey.
  • You desire an indulgent, inspiring and healthy life shift that is targeted and concentrated.

Your Radiant Diva VIP Intensive is a day completely devoted to your body and soul transformation. We’ll be looking at all these areas of your life through the filter of your soul’s calling, for a truly holistic approach:

  • The nourishment you’re taking into your body – the critical foundation from which you thrive.
  • The thoughts you are allowing into your mind that are either supporting or sabotaging you.
  • The challenges and resistance you may have to attaining and maintaining your ideal vision.
  • The upper limits you may be imposing on your health, fulfillment and prosperity
  • and ? It’s YOUR day, so I will customize it to your needs as they come up.

. . . .From here we create a customized template of practices and embodied techniques to assist you in moving forward powerfully and with ease.

What happens during my Intensive with Ana?

 A Sample of what can be customized to you:

  • In this intimate, insightful, FUN and energizing six hours together, we’ll gently and powerfully unwind old programming and eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns, blocking you from your desires, or feeling like you are not enough.
  • Together we will create a completely customized Body-Mind template that’s the essential first step to Living your Radiant Diva.
  • We’ll uncover and explore where your energetic or body barriers may be keeping you stuck in all areas of life, from your business to your relationships (firstly to yourself) … you’ll begin moving through with ease and grace.
  • You’ll discover your own unique, soul-inspiring Vision that will pull you magnetically toward deeper fulfillment in body, mind and spirit – the peace of mind that you desire…and deserve.
  • We’ll co-create an inspiring future plan to follow based on your goals, that can organically assist you in staying on track in the months and years ahead.
  • You will create an inspired accountability system to keep you connected to your intention, and maintain alignment with your new path.
  • You will receive a potent, personal affirmation mantra/meditation to use every day on the way to manifesting your Vision.
  • You’ll learn how to consciously breathe to nourish every cell in your body and to eliminate fear, anxiety, stress and doubt – allowing you to immediately return to living in your “Diva Zone” at any time.
  • We’ll fine-tune your optimal nourishment template by assessing what will support your unique Radiant Body Code.
  • You’ll learn a unique, easy-to-do yoga practice as part of your Success Sadhana (daily practice).

Enjoying the glow with VIP client Robin

“Ana is a wonderful example of someone who creates the life she wants. She empowers her clients to reach for their highest potential and not settle for less. My VIP day with Ana helped me to solidify what my true desires for my life are. She gave me concrete tools to use to achieve them. My VIP day was both a fun and enlightening experience. In fact, since that day I have manifested my dream job! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom Ana!”

~Robin DeFilippi, Carmel, CA

You will come away from this transformational day clear, aligned, committed, empowered, and inspired to step forward on your Divine Path!

The simple act of devoting an entire day just to YOU – with a deeply committed, intuitive and inspired coach, focusing on your dreams and goals – has the ability to shift things in dramatic and magical ways . . . and benefits all those around you!

Spaces are limited, and available on a first come, first serve basis.


March, April, May, June = Big Sur, CA

September = Tassajara, Carmel Valley, CA

late September, early October = Hawaii!

Virtual Experiences also available


For rates and inquiries, email me at with “VIP Day Inquiry” in the subject, and we can set up a time to explore if this is the right option for you.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you in up-leveling all areas of your life in a way that truly honors YOU, so that you can enjoy the Confidence, Self-Love, Peace of Mind and Radiant Body you desire and deserve!

With love, gratitude and healthy bliss,



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