Divine Diva Detox: Eco-Luxury Women’s Retreat & Program

My Dear Divine Sister,

I know the frustration of feeling like you are being swallowed up by stress and overwhelm. I know the struggle of knowing there is MORE to your life, but something keeps holding you back. I know the discomfort of wanting to spread your wings to expand to the next level of growth, but you feel weighed down by fatigue, health challenges, depression or lack of confidence.

Welcome to your unforgettable journey . . .

I’m Ana Poirier, women’s health coach, yoga instructor, spiritual mentor and woman on a divine mission. I live an absolutely amazing life doing what I love to do, and supporting women just like you to step into your magic as the woman you desire to become.

But things were not always this way for me . . . I knew all too well the pain of hating the woman you see in the mirror, of drowning in depression and anxiety, of abusing your body with foods, habits or thoughts that create bloating, pain, and exhaustion . . . I’ve been down the path of binging and starving, compulsive exercise, running away from my problems (or myself), staying small with health issues like infertility, extreme PMS, agonizing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, blinding migraines and exhaustion . . .

When I look back on my own journey, I see a how I took every opportunity to dim my light and hide from what I knew deep inside was my real purpose and gift . . .

Rising Above

That gift being to lead and inspire women just like you towards what you already know . . . towards the fulfillment of living without limits . . . towards the extraordinary energy and clarity that comes from nourishing your body in a way that REALLY works for YOU . . . towards the peace of loving your body and yourself . . . towards the power that exists when you own and embody your desires and begin putting them into beautiful action . . . towards the transformation that comes from aligning with your inner knowing so that you can live fully like the Divine Diva you were meant to be.

I now enjoy amazing health, body love & confidence, joy, ease in my own skin, a peaceful relationship to food, a sense of belonging, and really being able to thrive no matter what life had to offer.

This was an epic journey for sure, one that took years of trial and error, and tens of thousands of dollars in programs, education and learning . . . and now I am here to share the best of what has worked for me and the hundreds of women I’ve worked with, in a revolutionary way that has never before been done.

Ready to discover how you too can find the power, passion and peace you came here to experience in a healthy, glowing body you absolutely love?

Then I can’t wait to welcome you to the Divine Diva Detox experience. . .

The Divine Diva Detox is absolutely for you if You:

  • Are ready to release anxiety, stress and struggle
  • Are in a life transition or crossroads
  • Relate to being an “over-giver” or “stress addict”
  • Know in your heart that you are here to enjoy greater fulfillment, have an impact, be an icon and shine your light, but lack the clarity, energy and self-love to fully do so
  • Are a powerful woman who knows it’s time to take exquisite care of yourself in order to fully step into your greatness and thrive
  • Are fiercely independent (maybe to a fault?), and EXHAUSTED from trying to do it all on your own

Are you ready to:

  • Lovingly let go of what’s holding you back from fully embodying your success or clarifying and igniting your purpose?
  • Creatively explore your inner world for rockin’ OUTER world results?
  • Stop struggling and step into EASE?
  • Effortlessly shed unsupportive habits and let go of toxicity in body and mind?
  • Gently release the stress that is keeping you tired, stuck and uninspired?
  • Gain confidence as you begin to heal your relationship with yourself and your body?
  • Connect with other purposeful, health-minded “divine divas”?
  • Experience private attention at a group investment?
  • Receive support to overcome what holds you back?
  • Indulge your senses and be pampered in an eco-luxury setting?

Then the exclusive Divine Diva Detox experience is absolutely for you!

We are accepting only 10 women for this program . . .
The DDD is for women who understand (or are ready to discover) the unquestionable value of investing in mentorship and like-minded group support, in their journey of creating and enjoying a healthy, deeply fulfilling and successful life.

About YOU

Depending on what’s going on for you, you may experience:

* more energy and passion
* balanced hormones, balanced blood sugar
* less belly bloat, shift in body composition
* less anxiety/depression/mood swings
* more ease in your body
* greater sensual enjoyment
* Feeling more at peace with your body
* more clarity around your purpose
* deeper capacity to love (yourself and others)

. . . And some Real Life (possible) side effects of the DDD (past graduates have experienced these):

* Start a new business
* get pregnant (after years of trying)
* get a pay raise
* open to new streams of income
* find your soul mate
* get wildly inspired and create a rockin’ successful program
* find the home of your dreams


Yes, really!

  • Connect with and heal your relationship with your body like never before (expect magic to happen when you heal this)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what’s getting in the way of you moving forward successfully with your desires – whether they are with your health, body, career, relationships (it’s all connected)
  • Get access to simple tools to begin moving forward with ease
  • Leave our retreat time feeling completely pampered, rejuvenated and inspired.
  • Connect with your creative spark!
  • Gain an amazing new tribe of purposeful women who UNDERSTAND what you are seeking and creating. How often have you felt like a fish out of water, or not understood?
  • Experience deliciously decadent food and self-care – the unquestionable foundation for your launch as a Diva. : )
  • Create a vision that compels, inspires and magnetizes you towards your goals and dreams. (You will be personally guided through this.)

My intention is for you to fall in love with taking exquisite care of yourself, develop an intuitive knowing of what you personally require to thrive, and connect with your power and inner peace to live your desires from ease and grace.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

~ Mary Oliver


The DDD is a unique opportunity for you to EXPERIENCE, EXPLORE & EMBODY your true feminine Power, Passion and Peace as the woman you are here to be–Your DIVA.

This program is designed to deeply NOURISH, REPLENISH AND IGNITE your unique journey as it guides you through a format for DETOX and replenishment.

You will experience a 3-day luxury immersion retreat. Time and again, I have either led or participated in intensive workshops or retreats, only to feel lost and confused when back out in the “real world”.

No need to worry here!

You will receive ample one-on-one and group support before and after the retreat, in the form of phone calls and a private online group forum, to nourish and guide the growth of the fertile seeds of your desires.

We have put deep consideration to ensure the design of the DDD provides a gentle, yet powerful flow for you to dive deep and soar high. The unique design we offer provides you the necessary support to absorb and successfully integrate the tools acquired during the retreat into your life

Just what is a Diva?

Diva comes from the word divine. (Divine = supremely beautiful or magnificent.)
A Diva is a female deity or “The Goddess”.

If you are reading this butterfly, you ARE a Diva. : )

What is the “Detox”

RELEASE blockages, stress, negativity, self-limits & sabotaging habits through physical, emotional, spiritual and mental detox.

The DDD will guide you to Detox in three key areas: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Physical = Experience a gentle and delicious nutritional cleanse that is unique to you, based on Ana’s teachings and lifestyle for the last 10+ years

Emotional = Through a custom blend of “Devana Yoga”, essential oil work, specific exercises, intuitive coaching and nutrition, you will release and transform trapped emotions harming and holding you back.

Spiritual = You’ll receive support in opening to a stronger and clearer connection to your personal, divine source through clearing energetic pathways, chakra work and more.
*This piece is the magic in creating your desires with greater ease, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs may be.

What makes this program UNIQUE

If you have experienced a retreat before, you most likely know the delicious “high”and powerful transformation it provides. You probably had an amazing and intensive experience, had deep insights, and felt deep peace of mind.

You felt intimately bonded with others, exchanged information to stay in touch, but then went back to “normal” life to be hit with the “RETREAT HANGOVER”.

Yes, you go back to your life where busyness and old habits take over…FEAR comes back in… and the best of intentions for staying connected and following through fizzle….

Ugh. Unfortunately, I know this hangover too well….
I, too, was tired of investing big dollars to only feel desperate and abandoned after such an intimate high.

The DDD has been created to prevent the hangover. The retreat hangover, that is. Our design is laid out to support you before, during and after the retreat…

No Diva left behind. 😉


“Devana Yoga” evolved out of my lifetime of exploration and learning of different styles of yoga, holistic health, energy work, essential oil medicine and personal growth. Learn more about Devana Yoga.



You can expect a gentle, intimate and supported immersion into your transformation.

The complete Divine Diva Detox Experience is comprised of:

  • A group of 10 women committed to transformation
  • One private coaching call designed to assist you in clarifying your intention, setting up your Divine Foundation and introducing your personalized detox plan. ($275 value)
  • Body-mind cleanse program ($175 value)
  • One pre-retreat group initiation call ($100 value)
  • Surprise Diva retreat gift package ($100 value)
  • 3-Day all-inclusive retreat with personalized attention and guidance from Ana at one of California’s most gorgeous eco-luxury retreat sanctuaries (Stillheart Retreat Center) (min. $2500 value)
  • Access to our private Diva forum for 24/7 support, sharing and networking (priceless!)
  • 1 one-on-one post-retreat integration coaching call with Ana ($250 value)
  • 2 post-retreat virtual group support circles (calls) led by Ana (so much happens on these calls!) ($350 value)
  • Support materials as required (min. $250 value)
  • Fun surprises! (priceless!)


  • MP3 recordings of all our calls – invaluable to being able to reconnect with the powerful energy of what is created at any time! ($150 value)
  • “Kitchen Diva’s” Recipe Guide – All the delectable healthy decadence that you will experience a the live retreat will be available to you back in your own food-prepping sanctuary ($35 value)
  • Girl, just you wait! (yes, I like surprises . . . good ones)


The journey ultimately begins when you say “YES” to yourself and register.

Our first call is the third week of June

Our live retreat takes place July 20th to 22nd

(plan to arrive the afternoon/evening of the 19th)

We wrap up our last call mid-August


The Divine Diva Detox is divided into 3 parts , which we’ll begin to explore before the retreat, then dive deeply into each part during the retreat, and continue with integrating and opening to what’s next after the retreat. Read more about the 3 parts here.


The retreat for the summer Divine Diva Detox will take place at Stillheart Institute in Woodside, CA. Stillheart is conveniently located about 40 minutes from both the International San Francisco airport and San Jose, and yet you will feel totally removed and away from all hustle, bustle and worries as you retreat amongst the grand Redwoods and mountain views. (www.stillheart.org)

At the 3-Day retreat, we will use the specific tools to support your 3-part journey and go deeper. These include:

* Devana Yoga – deeply transformative and accessible to all
* Specific Meditations
* Therapeutic-grade essential oil therapy
* Guided Self-inquiry and journaling exercises
* Time in nature – hiking, meditation, labyrinth walk
* Deliciously indulgent, mostly raw meals
* Assessing/clearing energy blocks using chakra and meridian work
* Time in community silence
* Fun Surprises, of course!

It’s Time to Say “YES” to your Divine Diva

I am all about offering you a high return on your investment, whether it be money- wise, health-wise, sanity-wise or otherwise. : )

The stories below give you an idea of the ‘WOW’ experience of women in past programs.

I extend my hand to you….especially if you read this and are one of many women not seeing the desired results in one or more areas of your life.

Yes, my dear, this is your loving call to start looking within and detoxing what’s in the way!

DDD is all about powerful outer RESULTS through inner work and transformation.



Pay in full discount. Secure your space and save! Receive a $300 discount for payment in full by May 20th 2012


To pay in full choose type of room here:



Payment plan. Secure your space with an initial payment of $625 or $725 (see below). Then make 3 additional equal monthly payments of $625 if choosing double retreat accommodations or $725 if choosing single.


For payment plan choose type of room here:



Register with a friend Gift

Register for this amazing experience with a friend, and receive $200 off each!  Email Talina@YogaBodyNutrition.com to register with your discount for this special.

What “Divas” are Saying


“Dear Ana,
A year ago, I made the decision to make some major changes in my life. I knew I wanted to kick start these changes with a “detox” from my world, and a chance to reflect….I emailed you regarding the
Divine Diva Detox and I booked my spot immediately. Upon arrival, I instantly felt a sense of calm. The time spent with you at the retreat helped me arrive at a place where I was able to let go of all the things/people that had not been serving any purpose in my life.
Since my first leap into the unknown, I have completely changed my life. A year later, I quit my job, started my own business, found the love of my life and just got married!!
It seems so surreal thinking that this all has happened in ONE YEAR! I cannot express enough gratitude for your support, creating a safe space for me (and all of the women at the retreat), and the tools you have given to me to live the life I want to live.
I cannot wait to experience what the next year has in store for me.

Lots of love and gratitude,


“The Divine Diva Detox is a sacred journey that allows you to detox your body and mind, and shine the light on your Divine Diva within. Ana is a wonderful guide, creating a sacred and safe space, while gently encouraging you to dive deeper and make the most of this journey. Her tools and techniques, along with her guidance, have helped me discover more about my inner divine diva which has allowed me to manifest more of what I want to experience in my life. I highly recommend her DDD program.” ~ Gina Rafkind VedaSun.com



“Hey Ana, I had hoped to run into you these past few months to let you know what an incredible additional gift I received from the Divine Diva weekend. I had been off birth control for well over 10 years but I got pregnant after our weekend at Tassajara. Isn’t that incredible? So, another Divine Diva has joined us and ironically many nurses commented on her being inclined toward yoga.

Just thought you’d like to hear what sort of impact that weekend had on my life beyond the great relaxation techniques I learned and getting a really nice raise!” ~ Sophie


Goddess Rossa“After working with Ana my life transformed. She guided me towards listening to my feelings, to love me again, and then, I discovered that I was asleep, that I was dormant in my daily routine. That it seemed easier for me ‘not to think about me and continue to be blind’…
The moment I decided to work with Ana, a little window began opening, I began to re- think my life, my love, my entire being… During this process, I had Ana’s encouragement and support and discovered my inspired purpose. My big vision has now easily started to take shape! Thank you Ana!”
~ Rossa, “Paralegal Monterey”


“I flew into San Jose for Ana’s Divine Diva Detox retreat at Tassajara because it sounded fun, and my longtime friend in California thought it was something we should do. My experience far exceeded my expectations. The location was delightful, but even more wonderful was Ana’s leadership, in yoga, Yin yoga, meditation, and overall well being. I learned so much…..and Ana’s plans for us, both at the retreat and after, were well researched and masterfully presented. I expected to enjoy the retreat….but what I did not expect was that both my shoulder and my hip….which had been troublesome for months……became more mobile…..and I become more accepting of myself and capabilities. Thank you Ana!….see you soon. Dana”
~ Dana Novak, Oregon


“The last few years of my life have been filled with several major life stresses. Among other things, I unexpectedly became a caregiver and in the process  lost myself somewhat. I thought it was time to reclaim the strong and vibrant woman I once was. When I received the email about Ana’s retreat, it sounded like just the ticket to get me started. It was truly re-energizing and re invigorating to spend a long weekend with six extraordinary women in a beautiful place with restorative hot baths and wonderful food. As a leader, Ana was gentle and compassionate, yet strong. During meditation, her use of essential oils was truly transformative. I left the retreat feeling happy and mellow, ready to face whatever new challenges life would bring.”~ Maria Brandriff, Hamden, CT



To pay in full choose type of room here:

For payment plan choose type of room here:



Is this Resonating with you, but you have some questions or concerns?

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