Morning Lemon Elixir

The best thing you can do for your body first thing in the morning is hydrate. After sleeping, you are quite dehydrated. You can also add a little lemon to one morning glass of water to create  a little detox elixir. You can always add a hint of stevia if it is too sour. Meyer lemons are great if you can get them!


The Joy of Lemons:

have a cooling effect in the body constrict body tissues

dry damp conditions (think yeast or candida)

resolve stagnation

dissolve mucus

aid digestion by stimulating the flow of saliva, which helps ease some of the work of the liver

laxative and diuretic

antiseptic and antimicrobial (a great “green” cleaner)

treats colds, flu, fevers, coughs and parasite infections

benefit bile production

improve the absorption of minerals (put it on your greens to help get the most out of them)

cleanse the blood

useful in treating high blood pressure

relieve sore throat and hiccups

assist in weight loss

alleviate flatulence

reduces vata

alkalize the body

outstanding source of Vitamin C and high in potassium and B1

The Lemon “Cocktail”

Why we are doing this
♥  To assist in completing the cleansing process that has been going on during the night.
♥  To flush all systems of elimination, especially the liver, kidney and colon.
♥  To alkalinize the body.  Becoming more alkaline means more energy.  Your body cannot heal (or lose weight) in an overly acid environment.
♥  To help break-up and remove mucus in the system.
♥  To provide your body with energy-producing enzymes, vitamin C, potassium and other minerals.

DO choose organic – it’s cleaner, purer and has more nutrition.

DO choose ripe fruit – it is the most beneficial and the only way to eat all fruits.  Ripe fruit is higher in vitamins and minerals and is more alkaline in the body.

Color therapy – Yellow strengthens the nerves; awakens the mind; inspires clarity and stimulates the 3rd chakra (the center of digestion).

How to do it
Upon rising squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 ripe lemon into 1 glass pure water (not tap).  If it is too “sour” add 1-2 drops stevia.  Water can be warm or room temp (never ice cold).
If you are on the road or do not have any quality lemons, therapeutic grade lemon essential oil (I recommend Young Living brand) can be used.  1-2 drops mixed into pure water is all you need.

One note: It is a good idea to rinse with plain water or to brush your teeth after drinking your cocktail because although lemon water is alkaline in your body, it is slightly acidic on the teeth. If you use the Young Living oil, this is not a concern.

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