Re-energize, Revitalize and Recharge!

Your 7-step recipe for abundant Health and Energy

An energetic life is not as difficult to attain as you may think it is. The main ingredient is really an awareness of your environment and yourself. Real energy does not come in a magic pill, although there are some food-based supplements, which can be a real lifesaver in our busy lives. Below is my 7-step recipe (plus 1 bonus) for easily and enjoyably attaining the energy that you want.

I chose 7 for the 7 chakras or energy centers in our bodies. The added 8th step is for Action and represents the 8th chakra, or the Aura. There is no need to understand the chakras to understand the steps, just an understanding that, like the chakras, each step should be nurtured to complete the whole.

Energy = Vitality = Power to Live or Grow

Step 1: Evaluate (The Chakra of Acceptance)

This is the first and probably most important step. This is where you take inventory of your life, your habits, your relationships, your work, your thoughts, your food, etc. and really look at what is working and what does not. The more honest and accepting you can be, the more effectively you can move forward and address step 2 . . .

Step 2: Eliminate (The Chakra of Creativity)

Time to take your list of what is not working and begin to eliminate or at least create a plan on how to eliminate the energy drainers. Look at your self-talk, your food choices, your friends, your work, your community . . . What is pulling you down? Can you easily make a change? Can you at least set a goal to work towards that change? Perhaps by enlisting the help of professional or personal support?

Step 3: Educate/Empower (The Chakra of Commitment and Personal Power)

This is the step of empowerment. Education gives you the tools and the power to move forward. If you are not educated on what to eat other than junk food, how can you be empowered to make better choices? Begin to read books, take classes, speak with others, hire a health counselor and explore with yourself what gives you energy and when. Once you are empowered, energy management begins to get easier.

Step 4: Enhance (The Chakra of Compassion)

This is the step in which you get to enhance your life by choosing the right foods (whole, beautiful, unprocessed foods), pure water (dehydration is one of the biggest energy drainers), positive and supportive thoughts, supportive relationships, uplifting environments, etc. By having compassion and an open heart towards yourself you make better choices and call in those who can support.

Step 5: Exercise (The Chakra of Truth)

The truth here is if you don’t give energy, you will not get energy. This is the law of the universe. If you lie around all day “conserving” your energy, you often feel even more drained by the end of the day. “Move it or lose it”, as a wise one once said. By going for that morning walk or taking a yoga class, you stimulate the muscles, the nerves, the heart, the lungs and digestion and produce more energy for your day. So find a way to move that thrills you and go out and do it!

Step 6: Escape (The Chakra of Intuition)

So although step 5 states that you need to give energy to get it, we as a culture are also deeply in need of down time. Find time to “unplug” by getting enough sleep; finding time to relax; getting a massage; reading a book; taking a bath; taking a vacation or going on retreat. These are all ways to recharge your batteries to ensure that you can come back to your activities with a fresh mind and rested body.

Step 7: Enlighten (The Chakra of Boundlessness)

Whether you are affiliated with a religion or not, it is important to explore what connects you to your spirit and the spiritual world in general. We are spiritual beings in a physical world. Find ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, be it meditating, dancing, drawing, church, temple or being in nature. The spiritual world allows you to tap into the boundless energy of the universe.

The Bonus Step:

Step 8: Execute (The Aura or Radiance)

This is the step that will make all the other steps a reality and put you on the path to an energetic existence. In this step you take action. It is where you move out of the internalized ideas and create your reality. It doesn’t matter how big or small the step is, what does matter is doing it. Only through action can you find your Radiance.

You have my full support on your journey to Re-energize. I wish you a life of abundant vitality, love and light!

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