Day Long Winter Detox Retreat

In just one day, get a fabulous total body, mind and spirit makeover.

Ana will share with you the secrets to quickly and easily get back on track so that you can feel energized, slim and fantastic in no time.

Are you:

  • Feeling like the holidays and the winter season have left you tired, bloated, bleary-eyed, stressed and lacking the zip and zest you would like to have?
  • Looking to shed excess weight and feel lighter in your being?
  • Wanting to finally be free from the grips of your cravings, while learning to feed yourself deliciously nourishing foods?
  • Looking for an affordable way to give yourself a restorative, pampering mini-vacation?

Are you ready to say “YES” to a radiant body and mind?

This will be an indulgent and invigorating experience you will be sure to love.

Schedule for the Day-long Retreat:

8:30 – 9am – arrive, settle in, try a special delish detox smoothie prepared fresh for you

9:15am – 12noon Morning Yin/Yang and meditation practice

12:15 – 1:45pm Scrumptiously clean Detox lunch and food demonstration

Nature hike?

1:45pm – 2:30pm New Year/New Body visioning exercise

2:30 pm to 3:15pm Review of 10-day detox materials PLUS Q&A

3:15pm to 4pm Self massage and care demonstration (foot massage with YL oils)

4:15pm Take your revived and renewed self and your BONUS goodie bag and fly!

What You get:

  • 10-day Winter detox manual and workbook with plenty of recipes, sample menu, shopping list and detox exercises
  • Full detox lunch and delicious, nutritious snacks
  • 2 hour 45 minute yoga and meditation practice
  • 15-minute one-on-one detox check-in with Ana during your cleanse
  • Special rates on ongoing programs
  • Instructions to personalize your detox
  • Goodie bag (includes Young Living essential oil sample and other surprises)
  • Membership to online forum for 24-hour support during your detox
  • Special Resources list
  • Superb detox and beauty elixir recipes to enhance your cleanse and joy

This daylong workshop retreat is a phenomenal value.

If you were to work with me privately to get all these components, the cost would be around $1000. But I really wanted to keep this affordable AND intimate.

So you get semi-private attention and outstanding support for just over $200!

This detox day and program are gentle, easy to follow and guaranteed to bring you amazing results.

When: Sunday, January 31st 2010, 8:45am to 4:15 pm

Where: Location to be given upon registration

Investment in your health: $229 per person

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Q: Do I need to be good at yoga to participate in the Day-long Retreat?

A: No. The yoga portion is specially designed to allow each person to participate at their level. Ana is well-known for her ability to teach effectively to all levels.

Q: Will I have to drink strange concoctions or make complicated meals?

A: Not if you don’t want to. The extended 10-day program focuses on meals that are simple and easy as well as tasty. In fact, simple foods are best for detoxification.

Q: What if I need additional support?

A: You will have the opportunity to schedule one FREE 15-minute private check in with Ana during your 10-day detox. If you should need more time or have interest in longer term support, all participants have the opportunity to work with Ana at a discounted rate.

Q: Why do I need to detoxify?

A: Ideally, your bodies is detoxifying all the time as part of a healthy functioning system. However, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental pollutants, poor water, chemicals in food and home, even the thoughts that you think can slow down or even stop this process completely. The effects can be weight gain, lack of energy, hormonal imbalances (like PMS), headaches, cravings, insomnia, acne, psoriasis, pre-mature aging, poor digestion and more. By de-stressing and cleaning up your diet with a cleanse program, you can easily and enjoyably jumpstart your body to greater health and vitality.

Q: 3 hours of yoga sounds like a lot. Why are we spending so much time doing this?

A: During the 2 hour and 45 minute practice, we will be doing a combination of active and relaxing postures. About 1 ¼  hours will be devoted to a passive Yin practice; about 1 hour for a strength-building active Yang practice; and about 30 minutes for meditation and deep relaxation. Even if you are “out of shape”, you will find this practice to be restoring, not depleting. There will always be modifications shown, and it is encouraged that you rest when you need to.

” I consider the cleansing and detoxification process to be the missing link in Western nutrition and a key to the health and vitality of our civilization.”

– Dr Elson M. Haas, M.D.

What others are saying:

“I am a person who eats fairly healthy and can normally control my weight even during emotional times.  That all changed. Stress hit, I started gaining wait and no matter what I did I just kept adding pound to pound.  I had gained 14 pounds and weighted more then I ever have in my life.  I did not feel like myself physically or mentally. I knew I had to do something to break the cycle. I heard about Ana and decided to give her cleanse and support a try.  Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!  The cleanse is easy, nourishing and each day I felt more renewed. Ana’s gentle, nurturing support is never invasive, but always keeps you wanting to follow the right path.  My weight is down to what is normal for me and once again I have a brighter attitude.  I feel like myself.  Ana’s cleanse is one I will do every year at least; it just makes you feel too good not to.”

– SD, Carmel

“Although I have practiced yoga for a few years now, Ana’s class was my first Yin Yoga experience.  I loved it! Ana’s guidance and directions to get into the yoga postures made me feel safe and comfortable. After the class, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed! I also had a feeling of a new “space” that had opened up inside of me…I highly recommend the yin yoga class.”

~Dana Feldmeier, Washington DC

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