Are you Ready to Experience the Exquisite Energy that is your Birthright?
. . . it’s YOUR time to claim your right to Thrive in 2013!

Exquisite Energy Immersion – Personalized One-on-one coaching program with Ana Poirier – ONLY 10 spaces

A Revolutionary 90-day program for Igniting your Exquisite Energy Blueprint

& Aligning you, once and for all, with the Healthy life and Radiance YOU Require

Dear Goddess,

• Do you feel a lingering DISSATISFACTION with your body and your life?
• Do you long to feel GOOD in your body, and enjoy the kind of energy and passion that makes you leap out of bed EVERY morning?
• Does it feel like life is passing you by at hyper-speed, and you’re too tired, overwhelmed and busy to actually enjoy it? Maybe you wonder when it will be YOUR time?
• Are you watching your body change in ways that don’t feel aligned with who you REALLY are, and wish there was some way to stop this?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, fear not, there IS a way to begin to easily connect with the EXQUISITE energy within YOU that is waiting to be unleashed.

You’re reading this because you are an AMAZING woman, (with incredible potential) capable of doing, being and enjoying ANYTHING you desire . . . whether that’s raising a beautiful family, running a non profit or sharing your creative gifts in a thriving business . . . you feel this POSSIBILITY in your bones.

And yet, there are these “small” challenges holding you back. Challenges such as lack of energy and confidence, depression or overwhelm, physical health issues . . . and they keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

I know, I was once in that very same place.


This is the kind of Energy that is ignited deep within the CORE of Your being . . . it’s the kind of Energy that comes out of taking Exquisite care of Yourself . . . it’s the kind of Energy that comes only from DISCOVERING what really works for YOU . . . it’s the kind of Energy I would LOVE to show you how to Access and Enjoy with EASE.


I want to welcome you to this very Special Opportunity to take advantage of ONE of the 10 openings I have for private Exquisite Energy 3-month coaching programs at 50% off my normal rates.

This is a completely Tailor-made program that will include any of the “Program Highlights” listed below. Whatever YOU Require.

I will GIFT you with my Expert Guidance, Loving Attention, and the Resources you require – NO legwork on your part trying to figure things out.

You’ll benefit from the Tens of Thousands of Dollars worth of coaching, programs and learning that I invest in yearly as a part of my own “exquisite energy” journey.

It’s not just my Pleasure to offer this program to you at such a low investment, it’s my Purpose.

“I was struggling with trying so hard and thinking about weight loss all the time, but not making any progress. I felt like it was a constant battle, and a frustrating one, because I would take one step forward and one step back. I never saw any results. Ana takes clients wherever they are and has amazing ideas, strategies, compassion and knowledge. With her help I have finally made progress and it hasn’t been a struggle, it was like it just happened one day. It really is a multi-faceted approach. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need just a little assistance to A LOT. She personalizes the program to fit your specific needs and goals.” ~ T.H., Seaside, CA


A FEW OF THE BENEFITS YOU’LL ENJOY WITH THIS PROGRAM (Depending on your unique needs and goals):

• Fully embrace and love the body you have NOW, as you transform into the woman you desire to become.
• Really, truly LET GO of the sabotaging cravings, binging and negative emotions that keep dragging you back from your vision.
• Create a UNIQUE vision that organically pulls you towards it (with ease).
• Develop your customized Exquisite Energy Daily Rituals that support you fully, and that you look forward to EVERY DAY.
• Begin to understand your UNIQUE Exquisite Energy template. Learn how to navigate and align your personal rhythms with the rhythms of nature for success that sticks.
• Discover the SECRETS to stress-proofing your body so that you no longer fall down the black hole of life’s challenges. This is invaluable because it helps you maintain ideal weight, sustain energy levels, de-ages your body and keeps you from getting stuck in negative emotions like depression, anxiety and overwhelm.
• OPTIMIZE and heal digestion to absorb more nutrients, increase energy levels, enhance sleep, increase immunity and even enjoy a flatter belly (vanity is not always just superficial, lol).
• Balanced your hormones. Need I say more? : )
• Experience deep enjoyment that comes only from FINALLY connecting with what’s right for YOU.

“I worked with Ana during a very difficult, yet transformative time in my life. I had personal issues with trusting my food decisions, even though I’d been in tune with my body. My relationship to food was a battle and so was TRUST.I was always trying to lose weight, I would have tons of cravings for salt, sugar and unhealthy comfort food.Ana has given me the tools and confidence to look at my emotional relationship to food & it feels SO liberating. It has helped me focus on my yoga practice, movement, & the passion of my artistic photographic work.With her help, I have more positive energy. I enjoy cooking and eating wisely & it’s an important part of my ritual of self-care.The knowledge and the tips I gained from Ana have been invaluable.Her deep compassion, knowledge, and spirituality helped to support my feminine journey towards furthering my passion of art and the body.”
~ Jan M., artist, yogini



You have 2 Options (depending on the level of support you require)

The Premium Exquisite Energy Immersion Program

10 private intuitive coaching sessions (over 3 months by phone or by skype, you choose)
3 Hand picked bonuses appropriate for your needs and goals (this is the fun part)
Weekly Customized Inspired Actions to assist you in gracefully moving forward towards your goals
In-depth Diet and Lifestyle Archetype Assessment – to pinpoint your unique strategies and path
Personalized Daily Rituals that will send your energy through the roof
VERY special discount on Private Exquisite Energy Day-Long Intensive
Unique Yoga & Meditation practice created specifically to propel you towards clarity, inner peace, enhanced physical and mental fitness, and greater success in your life.
Weekly email support and accountability tracking, as well as intermittent check-ins from me
One 30-minute emergency coaching session, scheduled when you require it the most (up to 1 month AFTER your program ends)

One Payment of $1,297 (save $167), or 3 Payments of $488

Monthly Payment Options:

Pay in Full Payment Options:

Basic Exquisite Energy Intensive program

6 private intuitive coaching sessions (2 per month by phone or by skype, you choose)
2 Hand picked bonuses appropriate for your needs and goals
Basic Diet and Lifestyle Archetype Assessment – to pinpoint your unique strategies and path
Customized Inspired Actions with each session to assist you in gracefully moving forward towards your goals

Weekly email support and accountability tracking, as well as intermittent check-ins from me
Accountability tracking and one email check-in between sessions
Basic personalized practice – yoga, meditation, self-care, daily rituals – that easily support you

One Payment of $897 (save $111), or 3 payments of $336

Monthly Payment Options:

Pay in Full Payment Options:


Some bonus options include:

Essential Oil Guide for Instant Emotional Balance
Customized cleanse program
• Exclusive “Body Awakening Audio” – this audio is equivalent to a private 30-minute retreat with Ana. Release blocks as you relax deeply, recharge your energy, and ignite the positive attraction that allows you to experience more joy, love, beauty and abundance.
“Meditations for Metabolic Magic” audio – boost metabolism, create calm
Magic Manifesting Manual – my own personal “secret” to CREATING the life you desire, rather than setting arbitrary goals. It’s magic! (wink, wink) – perfect for the New Year
Exquisite Energy Dining Guide -7-days of done-for-you healthy meal plans with recipes and shopping lists
NLP coaching session with Professor Kathryn Lively to help rewire your brain and eliminate the usual self-sabotaging beliefs

PLEASE NOTE: I only have ONLY 10 9 spaces available, AND I will not be offering this program again at this price (the cost for this level of private coaching is normally double)

“When I first heard about Ana’s program I was reluctant, and unenthusiastic at first. I thought to myself, “how can I change my eating habits when I am so busy?”I was depressed, I had low energy, I felt stuck in my life and was going through a major transition without knowing where I would come out on the other side. I decided to do her cleanse in preparation for a major birthday that was coming up. I was feeling grumpy, tired, achey, and moody. I wanted to stop the cycle of negative thought patterns.My intention was not to lose weight, but to feel better emotionally and physically, and gain some clarity in my life. I achieved my goals and then some!I felt clear after the program. I did lose weight, my skin glowed and I had renewed sense of joy and purpose. I adopted a new awareness and respect for healthy foods and my body.” ~ Margaret Bruner, Pacific Grove, CA

 Still have questions? Not sure if this unique opportunity is for you?
Click here to schedule a time to chat with Ana.

I can’t wait to take you on a journey to Exquisite Energy!

Love and Healthy Bliss,


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