14-Day Cleanse FAQ’s

I have received many emails this year about it so I thought I would try
and sum up some of the questions in case you are still on the fence about it.
If I didn’t answer your question feel free to send me an email at devana108@gmail.com


1. What will we be eating on the cleanse?

Whole foods! The real deal, from mother earth!

2. Will I have to fast and starve?

No, no, no! You will be eating satisfying, simple and delicious foods. Depending on  your current level of health and goals, there will be suggestions made for “taking things deeper” or keeping it light and gentle.

3. Will I need to buy supplements on this cleanse?

Not if you don’t want to. This cleanse is completely based on whole foods, but I will give suggestions for certain herbs and supplements to enhance the cleansing of certain organs and offer convenient nutritional support for specific conditions. However, it is not necessary to use any of them to receive benefits from the cleanse.

4. Do I need to drink any weird concoctions?

No weird concoctions unless you want to. Again, this cleanse is based in whole, real food with some optional whole food supplements. The protein and greens supplements I recommend even when not cleansing and taste amazing!

5. Will I be running to the bathroom every 5  minutes?

Nope. The idea will be to optimize elimination, but in a healthy way without aggressive laxatives.

6. I am traveling during the cleanse, is that a problem?

I tell my students that it is probably to your advantage to be at home during the cleanse but IT IS NOT A PROBLEM IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING.
It will take a bit more focus but it is completely doable.

7. I don’t cook can I still participate?

The ideal is to prep your own food, but I designed the plan to be simple and doable even if you are buying healthy prepared food. I will say that if you get food out, the simpler, the better when supporting cleansing.

8. Will I learn about cooking?

I do emphasize the healing benefit of cooking your own food on the cleanse and afterwards.
All recipes are provided and we will talk about “how” to make foods and how you can take baby steps in the kitchen until you feel confident and psyched to be cooking your own food

9. Do I need a juicer?

No you don’t need one, especially if you don’t plan on doing juices. I actually recommend trying “whole food juices” in a blender, if you have a blender. If you don’t own a juicer or a blender, but want to do the juices here are some suggestions:
You can buy fresh vegetable juices at your local health food store or ask a friend if they own one you can borrow. But again it is not required.

10. I am worried about how to do this while caring/cooking for my children/family.

Encourage them to join you to whatever extent they feel. They may like to share some of your smoothie or try some quinoa. Make it fun and interactive and educational.

11. Can my boyfriend/girlfriend, partner , spouse join?

Absolutely! Men are welcome and encouraged. Please join us!

12. The dates and times don’t work for my schedule, but I still want to join what can I do?

Sign up anyway. Since our classes are teleclasses and will be recorded, you can do the cleanse at your leisure. You will still be a part of the cleanse and receive all the support with our online support group through emails and discussion.

13. When will I receive my materials? My life is really busy before the cleanse begins.

I will send you the ebook, which includes the complete cleanse, shopping list, menu plans and more, about one week prior to start date.

14. Will I lose weight?

People often lose weight on the cleanse. By keeping the  healthy eating momentum post-cleanse you should continue to see positive results. Most people that really apply the principals taught will see positive results, although each person is different and nothing can be guaranteed. Sometimes there are more complex issues at hand that may need some personalized attention.

15. I love coffee (or chocolate, alcohol, carbs, etc..). I am afraid I wont be able to stick to the plan.

This cleanse is not about deprivation or denial. Although you will be encouraged to eat a cleansing diet for 14 days, YOU get to choose what foods to cut and when. We will discuss how to make these transitions smoothly.

16. What about exercise?

Yes you can exercise and are encouraged to move your body every day on the cleanse. Again this cleanse is about listening to your body, so try not to come into the cleanse thinking you MUST run your daily 10 miles or go to power yoga. You might FEEL like doing something more restorative and gentle or visa versa. It is important to take some rest time, especially while cleansing.

17. Are there additional costs?

No. You will receive the book and menus as part of the cost for the program. You will, of course, have to buy your food and any optional supplements.

Three ways to cleanse:

Recommended: 3 Part Teleclass – this gives you the whole ball of wax, but still offers plenty of time flexibility. You can partake from anywhere and listen to the recording again and again.

Locals Version: Great if you are local to the Monterey Peninsula. In addition to everything in the Teleclass version, we will have 3 live get togethers.

Bare Essentials: You are on a budget and feel confident to self guide. This is just the ebook and daily emails. Nothing less, nothing more. : )

Remember, early registration for the ends Friday, April 23rd at midnight, so sign up today to receive the discount.

Email or call Ana for further details or to register: devana108@gmail.com, (831) 601-3282

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