Exquisite Energy Equation:

Exquisite Energy Equation:

Uncovering your Personalized Formula for an Energized Body You Love

Valley Yoga & Movement, Carmel Valley Village, CA

This live workshop is an introduction to Ana’s Unique methodology that will open up a new world of Energizing Nutrition, Lifestyle Rituals and Supportive Attitudes customized to your health goals, lifestyle and desires.

Do you:

Long to feel good in your body, and enjoy the kind of energy and passion that inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning?
• Feel like life is passing you by at hyper-speed, and you’re too tired, overwhelmed and dissatisfied to actually ENJOY it?
Experience frustration with weight or health challenges that seem to be holding you back in life, career and relationship?

Then this workshop is absolutely for you!


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In our afternoon together you will:

  • Discover how to tune into your personal Exquisite Energy Template, so that you can begin choosing the foods and actions that support steady energy and balanced mood.
  • Identify the choices that fuel your goals, feed your body and ignite your spark, and the habits that are sabotaging your best intentions.
  • Create a simple, effective and inspiring Exquisite Energy Empowerment Plan to direct the results you desire around your weight, energy, exercise and wellness WITHOUT sacrificing pleasure or taking drastic measures.

Energy, Enjoyment and Radiant Health are ALL available to you right now . . . if you choose to receive them.

This afternoon intensive will show you how easy, playful, delicious, and sensually satisfying your Exquisite Energy renewal can be!

“My energy shot through the roof! Thank you for bringing an
amazing, life-changing habit into my life! Merci, Ana! It was great fun and super informational ” ~ Suzanne R., massage therapist, Monterey, CA

Register Now For:

$52 per person or

$42 each with a friend (you’ll be charged $84 total)


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Pre-registration strongly recommended to secure your space.

Register NOW to experience your Exquisite Energy!



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