What You’ll Be Doing

What You’ll Be Doing

Part 1: Grounding and Assessing


  • Create a powerful intention
  • Honestly assess where you are now (physically, mentally, emotionally) and where you desire to go
  • Begin aligning your body and setting up your personalized Divine Diva Detox plan
  • Discovering your Bio-uniqueness
  • Mind-Body Detox (you’ll receive a personalized plan to implement this)
  • Specific exercises to ignite your ability to tune into your needs (food, self-care, etc.)
  • Opening to the sacred power of the Breath

Part 2: Opening your body, mind & heart


  • Release the fear, self-sabotage and blocks that are holding you back
  • Harnessing the power of the elements for transformation
  • Clearing Energy blocks (chakras and meridians)
  • Embracing the shadow
  • Opening the hips to awaken your creative, sensual and spiritual power as a woman
  • Forgiveness in the forest
  • Discovering what “really” feeds you

Part 3: Finding your New Groove & Vision Activation


  • Specific instruction on creating your Big Vision that will literally magnetize you towards your desires
  • Adventure – nothing like pushing the edges of your fears and old beliefs to open the door to “anything is possible”
  • Igniting your inner fire to spark your purpose in life Create your Divine Diva Formula

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