Balancing The Fire of Pitta

In Ayurveda there are 3 doshas, which are constitutional types based on the elements. Spring eases us out of Kapha (water and earth) and into Pitta (fire). If you have more pitta dosha in your make up, you may notice the more firey aspects of yourself being aggravated.
Hot tempers, impatience, stomach acidity, ulcers, skin rashes, migraines, liver issues are all related to pitta. So, even those of us who may have less pitta in our consitution can still feel some pitta imbalances, but not always.

The key to balancing pitta is to make sure that you do not push yourself too hard.

Key points for balance:
* Moderation                    * Attention to Leisure
* Exposure to Natural Beauty            * Balance of rest and activity
* Coolness                    * Decreased Stimulants

Workaholics are generally pittas. It is important to remember to keep a balance in life or a pitta can burn up.

Helpful hints in balancing a pitta imbalance:
Take time to wind down from activity – alternating rest and activity is the basic rhythm of life. It is important to find “an island of calm” at the end of the workday.
A pitta must remember that the key to their power is not in aggression, but in the quality of their rest time. Meditation is very helpful.
Coolness is any form helps counteract overactive pitta. Be very mindful not to overheat and do not linger in a hot bath too long. If you do overheat, use a cool compress or Young Living peppermint oil. Drink plenty of fluids, but not ice cold as this can put out the digestive fire.
It is important to eat moderate amounts regularly, but to not overeat. Pittas have excellent digestion, but it is important to not push this to excess.
The bitter flavor is excellent for pitta. Try eating salads of bitter greens such as chicory, endive, radicchio and romaine lettuce.
Avoid artificial stimulants of all kinds. Alcohol is like throwing kerosene on pitta’s fire, while caffeine puts an unnecessary edge on your energy.
A bowel cleanse can be very helpful as long as there is intestinal pain, bleeding, or a history of digestive complaints.
Be very attentive to taking in only pure food, water, and air as pitta is very sensitive to impurities of any kind.
Avoid strenuous exercise in the sun at high noon, especially in summer. Pitta can overheat and sunburn very easily, and this only brings them out of balance.
Enjoy nature’s beauty as much as possible – Ayurveda recommends that Pittas watch the sunset, gaze at the full moon, and walk along lakes, the ocean and running water. In general, a beautiful setting helps pitta wind down.
Avoid books, television shows and movies that are violent, shocking or controversial. Instead set aside time each day for leisure activities that are uplifting, humorous and entertaining. This helps to soften pitta’s edge.
Herbs and foods should be cooling (especially in summer), bitter, astringent and sweet. Salt and heavy fats should be limited.

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