Body Shift Breakthrough Live Intensive

Body Shift Breakthrough
Live Intensive

Attend this live event to dramatically shift

the way you feel ABOUT your body . . .
the way you feel IN your body . . .
the way you SEE your body . ..
the way you ENJOY the results of truly loving the body
you inhabit

Hello Beautiful!
… Welcome…

Welcome to your opportunity to experience Your Body Shift Breakthrough . . .

Are you ready to experience the magic that happens when you shift your relationship to your body and UPLEVEL your confidence?

Close your eyes for just a moment… now… imagine communicating with your body in a way that is respectful and loving instead of feeling that IT is letting you down all the time…

Imagine seeing your body in the mirror in the mornings, and instead of a barrage of negative thoughts pouring out, you FEEL beautiful.

Imagine going shopping for a dress and enjoying the process,

Imagine setting healthy goals for your optimal body weight and your health, and taking PLEASURE in the journey to get there.

This is what the Body Shift Breakthrough Intensive is all about!

If you are reading this right now, make no mistake, you are here for a reason!

As a women, you most likely struggle or have struggled with yourbody image, how can you not?

You’re constantly bombarded by media messages that tell you HOW your body SHOULD look, feel and ‘act’.

Media tells you what to buy, how to exercise, what products to use, …..
The multi-billion dollar diet industry WANTS you to stay in pain around your body – THIS is how they make their money after all.

Have you:

  • Experienced the heavy embarrassment of believing that EVERYONE must have noticed how “big your thighs are”?
  • Found yourself holding back from being more visible and getting your mission out into the world for fear of what others will think?
  • Felt “betrayed” by your body again and again? Feeling angry that it can’t seem to produce the results you desire?

If only your body would Shift, then you could be happy . . . find
the perfect relationship . . . have a successful business . . . get a
raise . . . enjoy going to the beach . . . live your life . . .

It becomes this all-encompassing struggle – a battle . . .
WAR – you vs. your body

This war is depleting your energy, keeping you stressed and literally blocking you from enjoying the fulfillment, vitality, joy and success in life you desire – in EVERY way.

And this war is blocking your body from shifting AND your life from shifting.

• Been a chronic dieter
Wished at times you could disappear
• Put an early end to a “fun” shopping trip in tears
Struggled with emotional eating (or not eating) and compulsive exercise
Endlessly compared yourself to other women
• Experienced your body as the enemy
• Wanted desperately to finally feel at peace with yourself and body, but can’t
seem to get there (or stay there)?

You are DEFINITELY in the right place

We’ve been there sweet sister. 
(Both of us have struggled with body issues)

And we know how quietly destructive they can be…

Josephine used to be a dancer. A terrible car accident left her with a broken pelvis and what she considered a ‘deformed’ body, yet NO one could tell she had a broken pelvis (that’s how amazing our bodies really are). Her body healed, yet in her mind, she was deformed. She didn’t wear a bikini for what seemed like centuries. Then she got pregnant with twins and it was hard on her body. That combined with huge demands of mothering and unhealthy nutritional choices left her in despair. Today, although her body is NOT picture ‘perfect’ according to society, her body is healthy, properly nourished and utterly loved.

As a classical dancer for 17 years, Ana constantly scrutinized her body DAILY, for hours on end. From a very young age, she began to really believe the body-criticizing comments of directors, teachers, peers and herself.
Although she was never overweight, Ana found herself paranoid of getting fat, and bouncing between moderate starvation, binging and compulsive exercise. This destructive cycle brought on severe depression, anxiety, infertility, exhaustion and crippling digestive pain. Many nights she found herself alone in tears from the inner pain and struggle, grabbing at her body, wishing she could just disappear.
After a long journey of healing, Ana now loves every bit of being in her skin . . . and has been coaching women towards powerfully embodying Body Love and their dreams for over a decade.

There is NOTHING more Beautiful or Powerful than a woman wearing her Confidence and her Self Worth

When you can fully step into your Body Confidence, inhabit and ENJOY your body, and treat her like the miracle Goddess that she is, a whole new world opens up.
A world of true fulfillment, radiant health, success, real beauty and deep peace.

Are you still with me?

This live intensive opportunity is DEFINITELY for you if you are:

  • Ready to BREAK the cycle of self-abuse and sabotage
  • Ready to feel SEXY and CONFIDENT in the bedroom, boardroom, grocery store and beyond
  • A leader, speaker, coach, woman of purpose and want to embody the MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE POWER that feeling truly good in your skin can offer.
  • Ready to SHIFT gracefully into a healthy relationship with your body… and with yourself

Your feminine body was designed for optimal health and function.
It was designed to enjoy fully, love openly and glow with the radiant light of your spirit.

The time is NOW!

Join Ana Poirier & Josephine Auciello for

The Body Shift Breakthrough Live Intensive

Saturday, September 22, 10am to 5pm

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut (Roundhill)

 (an easy train ride from NYC)

Full Investment = $227

Your Price Today = $197

In this 6 hour Body Shift Breakthrough intensive you will:

  • Experience a SHIFT in your negative self-talk
  •  Begin to create REAL PEACE with your body
  • Invite in a BEAUTY you never knew existed
  • Start to tap into your intuition and BODY WISDOM
  • Breakthrough the Body Image barriers that are blocking you from the health, the relationships, the peace of mind and even financial success that you desire and deserve
  • Discover an ease and grace in your body that never before felt possible
  • Enjoy a newfound sisterhood of women who understand, and are ready to release the struggle
  • Rejuvenate your entire being and re-ignite your spark

In our daylong journey together, Ana and Josephine will expertly guide you through processes specifically designed to shift and transform your body and your relationship to it.

Using proven techniques from Soul Art, Yoga, Energy healing, holistic nutrition and Intuitive Coaching, you can expect to dive deep, and rise up as the radiant, powerful woman you are here to be.


• Yin Yoga and Prana Flow-inspired movement exploration
• Specific awareness practices designed to create your Body Shift
• Soul Art exploration to tap into the healing of your creative power within
• Delicious and decadently healthy organic lunch
• A safe and intimate setting in which to experience your shift with the support of experienced leaders and a new “sisterhood”
• Powerful visioning guidance to begin aligning you with your true desires
• Simple and profound techniques that gently reprogram the negative thought patterns
• And some fun surprises – Always!

“I worked with Ana during a very difficult, yet transformative time in my life. I had personal issues with trusting my food decisions, even though I’d been in tune with my body. My relationship to food was a battle and so was TRUST.

I was always trying to lose weight, I would have tons of cravings for salt, sugar and unhealthy comfort food.

Ana has given me the tools and confidence to look at my emotional relationship to food & it feels SO liberating. It has helped me focus on my yoga practice, movement, & the passion of my artistic photographic work.

With her help, I have more positive energy. I enjoy cooking and eating wisely & it’s an important part of my ritual of self-care.

The knowledge and the tips I gained from Ana have been invaluable.

Her deep compassion, knowledge, and spirituality helped to support my feminine journey towards furthering my passion of art and the body.”
~ Jan M., artist, yogini


Ana, your program slingshotted me into taking my life to the next level in career, self-care, speaking my truth and letting go. My love, thank you. I’m rounding the bases and am about the cross the final plate… ♥
~ Salina Munoz |

With love and Body Bliss,
Josephine & Ana

PS – When a woman is in her power, owning her beauty and confident in her body, everything lines up with grace and ease. Allow us to guide you in shifting and transforming your body image for good!

Your loving guides for this Body Shift Breakthrough . . .

Ana Poirier, women’s holistic health coach, yogini, author and
spiritual business mentor, personally struggled with the pain and destructive tendencies of negative body image for many years. Having successfully gone from extreme body hate, binge eating disorder, depression and extreme exercise to now enjoying all the body shifting benefits of truly loving the skin she inhabits, Ana is a sought after coach and mentor for women ready to release the vicious  destructive cycles of poor body image and lack of confidence, and begin to create the radiant health and energized life they are here to enjoy.
She blends yogic wisdom, intuitive coaching, holistic nutrition with energy medicine and honoring your body’s knowing for an experience that is ALWAYS inspiring, empowering and creates fast results and healing.

Josephine Auciello, holistic health coach, photographer and certified Soul Art Guide, brings incredible compassion, beauty and wisdom to her work, and all those who have the benefit of being in her presence. She’s on a mission to gracefully guide women back to their bodies in a healthy way, back to their hearts, and back to their spirit where their true beauty awaits.

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