About Devana Yoga

About Devana Yoga

“Devana Yoga” evolved out of Ana’s lifetime of exploration and learning of different styles of yoga, holistic health, energy work, essential oil medicine and personal growth.

She created it specifically to open deeper into her own truth, beauty and light, while transforming fears into confidence, cultivating deep connection to peace, as well as relaxing and cleansing the body, mind and emotions.

The unique style of Devana Yoga is an eclectic and accessible blend of Yin and Flow yoga, holistic health wisdom and personal inquiry that provides tools to gently navigate the ever-changing flow of life with confidence, grace and ease, while weaving in the natural rhythms of life, nature and your unique internal current.

As part of the embodiment practice, Ana uses a specific type of Yin Yoga that’s ideal for deeply healing the destructive effects of stress, passively releasing energy and emotional blocks, and opening up pathways to restore the flow of energy into vital organs.

What makes this so magical and important is that you work with the body’s natural wisdom and capacity to heal. The release, or the detox, just happens, and results happen quickly, yet gently.

You feel stronger, more relaxed, more capable & confident, energized and alive. This form of yoga provides a deep sense of peace like nothing else, and allows more life force and creative energy to flow so you can live more powerfully with EASE.

Much more than just the physical practice of yoga, Devana Yoga is about infusing awareness, beauty and intention into EVERY facet of your life – the way you eat, care for body, how you relate, the message you carry out into the world, your creative expression, your business, your spirituality …

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