Announcing: 10-week Program Scholarship!

About 12 years ago, I had hit my bottom.

I was depressed, addicted sugar, suffering from debilitating migraines and barely had the energy to get out of bed in the morning. The fog in my brain made it impossible to really move ahead in my life, have a healthy intimate relationship and enjoy my life.

I knew I needed help and support, and thankfully, I found it.

I found yoga, holistic practitioners that showed me a healthy way to live and The Institute For Integrative Nutrition where I eventually got my  training to help others live a vibrantly healthy and happy life.

I understand being in the darkness, which is why I want to support you in reaching your light as much as I possibly can.

That is why I decided to create the 10-week BlissBody Transformation Teleseries. This program can be done from anywhere, anytime (all classes are recorded) and I made sure the cost was very affordable.

However, I realize that for some of you, money may be tight.

If you have been feeling that you are ready to support yourself in finally reaching your goals of shedding excess weight, gaining abundant energy, and really just feeling great in a body you adore, but financially have no room to wiggle,

I invite you to apply for this very special scholarship.

How to apply:

First – Review the entire program to be sure that it is a fit for you.

10-week BlissBody Transformation Program

Second – Tell us why you feel you need to do this program on scholarship by leaving a comment on this blog post below. What are your current challenges? What do you expect to gain?

You do not need to leave your full name if you do not want to, just initials are fine.

Third – Email me at with your name, email, phone number and let me know which submission is yours. This will keep your identity safe, but offer a way for me to contact you should you be the winner.

Update: The deadline for submission is Saturday, January 30th at MIDNIGHT Pacific.

The winner will be announced by Sunday, January 31st at 6pm Pacific.

I thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to serve and support you!

Good Luck!

Be well,


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