I need your Help!

I desperately need YOUR help!


Because my big vision, my soul’s desire, my life purpose is

to serve you in living your most radiant, energetic, passionate

inspired, healthy life possible!

In order to do this and provide you with the support you need

(instead of what I think you need), I would love to hear from YOU

about what is holding you back from:

  • making changes you know  you need to make,
  • from getting the support you need,
  • creating supportive daily habits,
  • releasing addictions,
  • loving  your body,
  • staying on track
  • releasing extra weight
  • having the energy to spring out of bed every morning.

I need to know the darker side – what are your deepest fears, frustrations, demons and challenges – the nitty gritty everyday stuff that is squashing your spirit.

What do you want to know more about?

What kind of content would be valuable for you here?

Share this with me, and I promise to show up 110% as your guide, support system, coach and friend.

I promise to share with you the very best tools I have in my tool chest.

No holding back!

So, please take just a moment to either:

  • leave a comment below (it can be totally anonymous)
  • or email me privately at devana108@gmail.com

I am so excited to serve you to the fullest!

with gratitude,



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