Got the Sugar Blues?

The sweet stuff can be highly attractive, highly addictive and highly destructive.

Trust me, I’m a former sugar head.

And I’ve worked with many a sugar head in my health coaching practice.

As one friend so eloquently put it, “nothing puts fat on my body faster than sugar.”

He shared that he would notice “visible fat within 24 hours”.

And fat is just the beginning, unfortunately.

Stay tuned for an ongoing exploration of why and how to get the bad sweet out,

and how to get the good sweet in.

For now, some sugar stats . . .

with love and sugar-free sweetness,

Ana : )

Sugar Stats

  • · The average American eats a whopping 160 pounds of sugar and corn syrup each year – PLUS another 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners. That’s just the average!
  • · If you think you’re not adding that much sugar to your cup of coffee, take a look at the ingredients in the foods you eat.
  • · The average American takes in 42 pounds of corn syrup every year.
  • · The average teenage boy drinks 868 cans of soda a year. The average girl isn’t far off this mark.
  • · Artificial sweeteners are no better. Some people react to aspartame immediately, while others can take 10 to 20 years for the aspartame reaction to become noticeable. Problems attributed to aspartame include:

* anxiety and panic attacks

* problems concentrating and focusing

* loss of memory

* depression or irritability

* dizziness

Health risks associated with sugar consumption:

Obesity, Hypoglycemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, immune deficiency, tooth decay, bone loss, PMS, yeast infections, loss of memory and concentration, depression and mood swings

Addictive substance:

Eating even a small amount creates a desire for more

Suddenly quitting it causes withdrawal symptoms like cravings, fatigue, mood swings and even headaches

Watch out for hidden sugars in “health foods”:

Flavored yogurt


Peanut butter

Teriyaki sauce

Tomato sauce

Low or non-fat foods

Hamburger buns

Baked beans


Shakes and sports drinks

Cold cereals, even most “healthy” ones

Read labels and make whole food choices:

Whole fruits, roasted carrots or yams, turkey with veggie sticks, nut butter on celery sticks, unsweetened trail mix, fruit and veggie smoothies, organic plain yogurt with fresh fruit, hummus and whole grain bread, guacamole with baked chips

Stevia and agave nectar are great sweet alternatives

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