Manifesting a Miracle

They really do 😉

I know, it’s kind of a lofty claim for a title of a blog post.

And if I am completely honest with you right now, I almost didn’t write this.


Because I was afraid you would think this was coming out from left field somewhere. Or that you would judge me.

But then I realized that I’ve had a history of holding things back out of fear of what others may think. And many of these “secrets” that I held onto often revealed themselves to be MAJOR life-changers, and even life-savers once I let the cat out of the bag.

So, what am I getting to here? What is this secret that I am reluctantly ready to reveal?

It has to do with miracles.

For much of my earlier life, I believed I was immune to miracles. And that if I was to experience a miracle, I would have to work VERY hard to make it happen.

Very hard.

Things began to change for me around this . . . slowly, over time. I began doing a lot of inner work and spiritual & personal growth.

I started to activate certain energy flows and tune into some universal laws. Along with all this, miracles began to happen.

If miracle seems like too “big” of a word, then let’s just say that life began to have a certain flow and ease.

Does that mean that life became perfect? Absolutely not (how boring, right?).

But what I experienced was that a door seemed to open that gave me access to some things that in the past felt “off-limits”.

Something else that happened with this was my ability to have a completely different relationship with my life circumstances, which consequently brought more miracles.

If this is all sounding like “mumbo jumbo” to you right now, I understand. It’s kind of difficult to explain, and often something that simply needs to be experienced.

  • Are you finding yourself wishing for a miracle?
  • Feeling a bit suffocated by circumstances that feel out of your control?
  • Do you find yourself wondering how you will get yourself out of the “hole” (health-wise, money-wise, sanity-wise)?

As I mentioned, this is an area I was feeling all too familiar with, and one that I now understand how to come out of.

To begin, here are my personal first 3 foundation laws for creating Miracles:

  1. Get Still – If you are running around, distracting yourself, staying stuck in the cycle of busyness, STOP. Find a still point. There is so much magic in stillness.
  2. Create Space – take a deep breath. Inhale slowly, pause, exhale completely. This will create a little more space in your being to receive a Miracle. You may need to repeat multiple times, and even take this idea of the “deep exhale” into the rest of your life.
  3. Listen – From this still and spacious place is where you can actually hear the message that brings the miracle. You are able to receive the wisdom and clarity that inspires the magic to happen.

Explore these first 3 steps, and see what begins to open up (and share below).

Miracle Makeover Sessions

If you like the idea of a miracle (who doesn’t), but doubt that they really happen, I would love to show you differently . . . and that they ARE possible.

In my experience miracles generally are much more likely to happen in the presence of some support.

And after having yet another instance of helping a friend out of a very scary “what am I going to do?” place, I realized how special it would be to support YOU in your miracle.

I believe that the more people that actually experience a miracle, the more miracles will happen all over the planet . . . they will become what is “the norm”, rather than the exception. The more miracles that happen, the more consciousness and life on this planet begin to shift in beautiful ways.

There are certain things that I have discovered inherently block miracles, as well as certain spiritual laws that create miracles.

In your Miracle Makeover Session, we will quickly uncover the “miracle blockers”, while opening up the energetic pathways to allow your miracle to flow.

It’s incredible to watch these happen …

Are you ready to experience your miracle?

 You can expect to:

  • Get unstuck from the stickiest of situations
  • Eliminate the overwhelm and frustration of not manifesting what you’ve been working towards for a long time
  • Open up the floodgates to receiving what have felt off-limits or not within your reach.

This is a dynamic, deep-dive into what is going on for you, and with me by your side, we’ll go mining for your personal Miracle . .. revealing the diamond of what is possible for you at this magical time.

These sessions are truly coming from my heart . . . and I know they have incredible value as I’ve watched the Miracles occur in the lives of those I love.

I promise, you will leave our session together transformed!

Click here to reserve your Miracle Makeover Session


 Much love and magic,


PS – I am only offering these sessions for a limited time at a special rate . . . this was completely spontaneous (and maybe a little crazy), but I felt called to share this with you, it just felt right. Xo

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