Guns & Claiming Feminine Power

Just like Charlie’s Angels . . .

This past Sunday I got the opportunity to handle, and yes, shoot a gun for the very first time.

Most likely the very last thing you expect to read about from a woman who’s business is called Yoga Body Nutrition is guns, right? Particularly when she’s making a correlation between guns and Feminine Power.

Let me start from the beginning . .. sort of.

You may or may not know that I decided to start a cleanse on New Year’s day. No big deal, I know.

I’m a health coach, and health coaches do these kinds of things.

Well, there were some circumstances that made this time different (and really EVERY time is a new and different adventure).

First of all, 2012 proved to be a wild ride in every area of my life . .. a year of tremendous growth, emotional healing, letting go and facing fears.

Big stuff!

  • I finally released a relationship with a man that I love deeply, but just isn’t my soul mate (VERY challenging).
  • I got very real with myself about my true desires, and some of them meant facing some fears, and healing my relationship with myself even more deeply.
  • I had to face the resurfacing of an uncomfortable health challenge and ask for support . . .

Although I knew deep down things would be for the better on the other side, when you are in the thick it can be HARD.

Well, as the year came to a close, and I became aware that I’d been putting off doing a cleanse for months (excuses, excuses). I drew the line in the sand, and said “January 1st I’m in!”

AND, not only am I committed to my New Year cleanse, but I committed to documenting on video the whole journey. This felt scary to me to be so vulnerable, and yet something inside told me it is what’s in service to the highest good of all.

So, if you’ve ever done any holistic cleansing before (this is not the cleanse in a box you see on your store shelves, lol), you know that along with physical toxins being released, emotions come up.

This little “side benefit” showed up over this past weekend, and I felt myself head straight into a wall. I felt frustration and anger bubbling up, but didn’t fully allow it to flow, which led me to feel stuck in some serious self-pity and “miserable-ness” by Sunday morning.


Well, after reaching out to a trusted friend, it was obvious (thanks to her reflection), that I needed to physically release this stuck anger and frustration before it consumed and immobilized me. I was already starting to feel this beginning to happen.

So, what did I do? I took the opportunity to wield a weapon.

Yes, you heard right.

The universe immediately provided an opportunity for me to channel and move this firey Kali energy with an invitation to go to a shooting range. (I know! How often does that happen to a holistic health coach, yoga teacher?!!)

How was it? Honestly, it was transformational.

Exactly what I needed to channel and release the hot emotions within. My guides in the outing made sure I understood and respected the power of this object.

And I did, trust me, I did.

What I came to realize is that ANY powerful force can be used for good or for destruction. My intention as I shot at a metal target in a very safe environment stayed true: To channel and release the fire energy within in me that had the potential to become destructive into positive, creative energy. To be empowered as a woman, and transform my fire into passion and love for what I believe in most (peace and healing for the entire planet).

Could I have gone to kick boxing? Sure.

Is that really much different? Some may say “yes”, but I’m not really sure.

I believe it’s all in how you wield the weapon, whether it’s a kick, a thought or a bullet.

What are your thoughts? Would love to see your comments below.


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