New Moon Spirit in Action

Time to don the Inspired Action hat

It’s the first spring New Moon, which beckons us to ACTION . . . from an inspired place of course. 🙂

What have you been hiding over the winter’s slumber?

Where has your energy been sluggish, your mind dull, and your body heavy?

It’s time to put Spirit in Action – now!

(You might already be feeling a bit of the buzz and energy).

A huge part of the work I do with my clients is rooted in honoring the cycles and rhythms of nature and what is around us. You may ignore or be disconnected from that at times (or all the time), but it is ALWAYS having a profound effect on you.

It’s those moments when you might feel like you are pushing uphill with all your might vs. feeling in the flow and aligned that show you a bit of how you are honoring your inner rhythms, as well as those outside you.

In yoga, knowing that you are honoring the cycles and rhythms means that whatever practice you do leaves you feeling balanced – not tired, agitated, lethargic, irritated, anxious, depressed, etc.

With food, this means ending a meal feeling satiated, balanced, expansive and in your body – not bloated, tired, heavy, acidy, burp-y, spacey, moody, etc.

This little rhythm system is something I have been doing in my own life for well over a decade. And it is what I know played a big role in my being able to heal from depression, anxiety, body hatred, binging and starving, hormonal problems, etc.

Sooo, for now, I want to invite you to tune into the season and the moon, and see how that supports you. This offers you a mini taste of this deeper work I offer . . . and it’s fun and builds confidence (always a good thing).

Did you create some resolutions around the New Year?

Were you successful with them? Or were they a little slow in getting going . . . or perhaps didn’t take shape at all?

The thing is that the dead of winter is not necessarily ripe for taking action or starting big things.

Spring on the other hand, most definitely IS about taking action, and beginning to set into motion bold initiatives and inventive ideas that have been a bit more dormant over winter.

Add in a New Moon, and here’s your recipe for “JUST DO IT”

BUT first, take a step back and set an intention.

What is your body needing right now?

What is your spirit and soul longing for?

Where are you not honoring yourself, your truth or what’s in your highest good?

I had to get real with myself at the end of last year.

After leading some very successful Radiant Diva VIP retreat experiences, it was clear to me where I was most aligned with my work, as well as most effective with clients . . .

Sitting for hours a day at the computer and on the phone was not truly the place that I shine or feel good.

So, for my inspired action this Spring new moon, I am putting my intentional plan together for how to do more of what really feeds me and my clients, and less of what doesn’t – even though it means some slightly scary changes around what has been familiar.

Can you relate?

Whether it’s creating positive change in your diet, work, relationship, self care . . . it’s all the same, and you may often resist. I always like to say “create the change you desire, before the change decides to create itself”.

Change is inevitable, this is a universal truth. But it is so much nicer to decide to, say, change a few unhealthy habits, than to experience the change of health issues manifesting, right?

Your body knows, it really does.

Feeling Inspired?

I have 2 little invitations for you to get some support around creating positive change.

One’s this week . .. the other one coming quickly (and will fill up).


Soul Mate Vision Board Immersion

This Friday, April 12th in Monterey

Connect, Create, Laugh, Expect Miracles!

Snag your spot here.


Yogic Spring Cleanse Weekend!

May 18th & 19th

Join us for an incredible weekend of releasing stress, deeply restoring & enlivening your body, and supporting your body & mind in gently and effectively cleansing for optimal health and vitality. This workshop is designed to help you feel revitalized from the inside out.

Limited space available . . . so get your yogic cleanse on today!

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