Stopping the Superwoman Syndrome


Superwoman Syndrome got you a bit wound up?

I was recently interviewed for an Anxiety Busting Summit with Gina Rafkind of VedaSun, and during the interview I came to the realization, or really the KNOWING that it is really difficult to “see” yourself in a true light.

Gina was asking me about some of my journey around overcome my hardships and my anxiety, and I shared that a huge part of my “recovery” from depression, anxiety, extreme digestive issues, hormonal imbalance and body image issues, was to finally allow someone else to assist me and reflect back what she saw.

These were things that I needed to hear from someone else because I was so wrapped up in my own drama and skewed vision that I really couldn’t see what was holding me back, keeping me stuck, tired and extremely unhappy.

After years of trying to do it on my own, rejecting the help of others and being almost addicted to my own autonomy, I finally surrendered to the power of a mentor or someone who can hold you up to your highest, while being lovingly truthful about what they see keeping you stuck.

I have now embraced this idea whole-heartedly for myself, and yet still when I talk to prospective clients, they often duck out of having this kind of support and accountability because they decide to “just try to figure it out on their own”.

I actually don’t believe we are here to do “it” alone. I believe at the very core of being human is the need to collaborate, be supported and to reflect light back at one another. I also feel that as women, this is especially important because this is this biological desire or need to always help and nurture others . . . and yet a resistance to being nurtured. Can you relate?

Let me say that I definitely believe in autonomy, in finding your unique voice and path, in being independent . . . but I don’t believe in the exhausted and unfulfilled superwoman syndrome that seems to be plaguing the modern woman (I know this one ALL too well!). When I was at the height of my own Superwoman Syndrome, I just remember suffering so much!

Are you fiercely independent? Maybe to a fault?

Do you find yourself not valuing the support you require to fully step into the healthy, vibrant, abundant, fulfilled woman you are here to be . . . a woman that enjoys her life and feels amazing in her body?

Well, then let’s take a look at how to break the cycle, OK?

1. Make a list of all the women you admire. These could be icons, women leaders and those you don’t really know . . . or they could be friends, community members, professionals, family members.

2. Make a list of your top 3 goals (could be health/body, personal growth, business, financial, family, community, etc.). Get clear about what you desire.

3. Now see where the parallels exist. Who’s doing what you would like to do? Who do you trust and value as a person and woman. Who has tread the path that you see going down? Who is maybe an authentic “expert” in this area?

4. Reach out! Take action girl, no time like the present. You might reach out to one woman, or maybe you require to seek out a small “mastermind” of like-minded beauties to collaborate with.

It can be scary to reach out and ask for help, but my advice is to just do it. : )

My first experience reaching out was to the healer that really reflected back to me how much my eating and lifestyle habits were destroying me. Since then I’ve reached out to personal and professional mentors as well as good friends.

I’ve gone on retreats with teachers whose presence I know to be powerfully transformational. I’ve sought out powerful “masterminds” of like-minded women, and this has been invaluable (especially for someone like me who always felt all alone or like an outsider).

I would love to hear what works for you, your ideas, thoughts or what’s on your mind! Leave a comment below, and we’ll nip the Superwoman thing in the bud. ; )

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