This Changed My Life

About 15 years ago, I had a melt down – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

I’m not going to get into the gory details in this post, but I mention it because it was really a pivotal moment in my life.

It was the melt down that gave me the motivation to seek help and change.

It was the moment I knew things needed to be different, even if I wasn’t sure how that was going to look.

It’s often said that out of the mud, springs the beautiful lotus – or it’s often the really difficult times that give us the true gifts and true opportunities.

During my moments of searching, I started to ask myself what I was looking for – what did I want?

As I got a bit clearer, I came across an exciting opportunity – the opportunity to study at what is now the world’s largest holistic health and nutrition school in the world – The Institute for Integreative Nutrition

During my time of difficulty, I knew I wanted to study nutrition, but I also knew that real health included our food, our relationships, our career, our spiritual practices, etc. So, when the IIN catalog fell into my hands, I knew it was the right thing.

Here is what makes this program truly unique and top notch:

  • It teaches all the dietary theories
  • It takes into account each person’s individual makeup
  • It teaches about cooking and self care
  • It incorporates practical business training to get you working with paying clients, often before even graduating!
  • It provides free ongoing support after graduation

Woohoo! “Sign me up!” I said.

Now, as a graduate I enjoy a fabulous, well-paying career doing what I love to do.

The possibilities are endless, with opportunities to work in many different venues and niches.

As a graduate and an Ambassador for the school, I am still closely connected to the school, receive continued support, and help others make the decision about whether this is the right program for them.

On top of the amazing education and career opportunity, is the fact that IIN taught me about how to best feed my body and my life. This is not the dry, counting calories and fat grams of most diet programs, but a way of learning what works for you as a whole being – mind, body and soul.

It taught me how to create amazing health for myself AND how to guide my clients to do the same.

Some of the many gifts I received from my experience at this school include:

  • Real, practical tools to transition into a new career
  • An in-depth education on making better choices around food and lifestyle
  • Greater freedom and income potential
  • Simple yet profound ways to understand nutrition on many different levels
  • Training to actually make a difference on a global level (WOW!)
  • Pleasurable, practical ways to make a positive impact on my health

The end product of doing a program like this is not just better nutrition, but a life transformed.

Life is short, and it can also be very sweet.

Too sweet to wast precious time and energy on things that don’t really make you feel good!

Too sweet to be bogged down by stress and fatigue, and not be able to thoroughly enjoy it!

If any of this resonates with you, you can call the school to set up a FREE consultation with a counselor today: (877) 730-5444.

Be sure to let them know I sent you, so that you can take advantage of any current friends and family discounts, like the $500 tuition scholarship being offered until September 15th, 2010!

As an Ambassador, I am also offering complimentary career change strategy sessions to any of my readers, friends, clients and contacts. In this session, we design a personalized overview of your potential new career in the holistic health field. There is absolutely no pressure or expectation with this session, it is just an opportunity to explore the possibilities and get your questions answered.

Contact me to set this up: (831) 601-3282,

To your continued health and happiness,


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