Finding Balance in the Garden of Your Life

Your life garden requires both solar and lunar energies to thrive!

As I write this post, it’s the eve of the Spring Equinox where we get enjoy equal day and night. This is an opportune time to CELEBRATE the dark and the light, as well as assess where in your life you may require some BALANCE.

  •  Are you all work and no play?
  • Do you find yourself taking care of others all day, while putting  yourself last?
  • Have you been focusing on your spiritual life while not nourishing your body as well as you can?
  • Are you running on overdrive and feel unable to settle down and relax?
  • Has an unhealthy relationship to yang (stress, coffee) got you craving yin (sugar, alcohol)?

These are all some examples (there are many) of ways that your “personal planet” may be off center, and there is no time better time to assess, weed out and water and feed what you want to cultivate and grow in your own life.


A healthy garden requires not just the “sun” energy of sunshine and food, but also the “moon” energy of darkness and water . . .

Here are 5 steps to assist you in cultivating balance in the garden of your life:

1. Imagine your life as a garden with different rows for the different crops. You have a row of “health”, a row of “relationships”, a row of “spirituality”, a row of “career”, a row of “creativity”, a row of “self-care”, a row of “play”, and a couple of more rows of whatever you have decided to plant in  your own life garden.

2. Now assess the garden and it’s crops. Are some rows overgrown with weeds? Others vibrant, full and thriving? And yet others looking sickly and dehydrated?

3. Choose one area that requires balancing, and pinpoint an easy action step to help re-balance it. Hint: You may need ask yourself WHY this area is unbalanced? What is the number one reason things are not flourishing in this area?

For Example: If your health row is overgrown with weeds, is it because you have allowed your boundaries to get lax around what truly nourishes you? If so, a spring cleanse could be a great supportive action step to take!

4. Once you’ve found your first action step, schedule it into your calendar. This will ensure you’ll actually DO it, and you’ll build trust with yourself.

5. Continue to assess your garden in this way. Find the rows that are out of balance, ask yourself why, and cultivate an inspired action to support balance.

Leave a comment below to let me know how this goes, or to share your own special tip!




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