Fresh food – fast! 3 tips to quick, healthy & delicious food prep

Love your body up!

I’m often asked how I am able to enjoy healthy, home-prepped meals all the time with a busy lifestyle (that includes a fair amount of travel).

My short answer is I have fun systems as well as a few favorite tools.

Here are 3 of my top “secrets” for loving your body up with great food:

  1. I use my time at home to prepare things while I’m doing something else and I ALWAYS prepare food in bulk. If I create a raw pate from nuts or seeds, I make enough to enjoy for a few days . . . If I make a soup, I make enough for 3 or 4 meals. When I make raw crackers or my raw wraps, I fill the dehydrator . . . If I roast vegetables, I make a couple of trays . . . When I wash and spin salad greens, I do a big batch . . . if I cook up some quinoa or lentils, I make extra so that I can easily toss them into a salad or other dish . . . and a bulk batch of yummy homemade salad dressings or pestos can be an amazing way to add instant flavor and nutrition to the simplest of meals. Soups, stews, baking, cooking grains or beans . . . these can all be “happening” while you are attending to other things. Just set a timer. : )
  2. I use the Vita-Mix – A LOT! Yes, it’s true I’m in love with a blender. : ) But it’s actually so much more than a blender – it’s an instant soup, dressing, pesto, hummus, batter, ice cream, nut butter, dessert, smoothie and juice maker all in one. When it comes to saving time and money in making healthy creations, I am definitely a huge fan, and it is one of my biggest “secrets”. When I make my green smoothie, I’ll make extra and have something quick and nourishing for an afternoon snack. Click here to get free shipping on a Vita-Mix ($25 value)
  3. And lastly, my super healthy travel secret . . . shhhh! Keep it simple and fresh. While I was in Costa Rica and no longer at the retreat center, I bought fresh items like cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, lettuces (all perfect for the hot temperatures) along with eggs, nuts/seeds and my very special secret ingredient . . . black olive paste. The black olive paste (tapenade) adds instant flavor to mashed avocado or a soft boiled egg. For an easy beach picnic I would grab sliced cucumber and tomatoes, whole lettuce leaves and either mashed avocado or hard-boiled egg with olive paste. I could make little lettuce wraps on the spot or simply dip the veggies into the avocado mix. I even found raw crackers at the local mini-super for a little extra crunch.


How can you support your own SIMPLE and ELEGANT healthy food lifestyle?

Post your ideas below.

Much love,


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I can’t wait to hear from you!

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