Your Birthright as a Woman

Your True Goddess Nature

11 ½ years ago I made the journey from New York City to Big Sur, CA . . . and my life has never been the same.

I’m not sure there are 2 places on this planet that could be more polar opposite! LOL

I left the busy, non-stop, high stress, overly yang, driven, concrete jungle of the big city for the open skies, mountains, ocean, red woods, and yin  energy of California’s wild central coast.

I was so ready for this change, I was barely shaken by the 180 degree turn I had made. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some adjustment for me, but it was minor considering the polarity.

My biggest adjustment was acclimating to the “Big” nature after living in the big city. I could no longer hide within the hard walls of the city, and I felt quite vulnerable with the amazing clean air, dark starry night sky, churning ocean waves, looming red woods that rivaled New York City’s sky scrapers . . . and the big beautiful moon that I had never really noticed while living in the city.

My new environment commanded my attention, and opened me up to the raw and real me inside, which felt scary and magical all at the same time!

I remember walking across the property at the Esalen Institute where I was living, and often being overwhelmed with emotion for no apparent reason.

Waves crashing on one side, redwood canyons on the other and scaling mountains directly ahead all felt like they could swallow me up in no time. I had built up my shell to protect myself from being swallowed up by the city, but that shell instantly dissolved in this new place.

I remember starting to feel this freedom in my body, an energy rising out of my heart, a passion churning in my belly . . . after almost being destroyed by the years of doing, surviving and holding tight to the driven energy that seemed to permeate the city, I was coming alive again. And it felt amazing!

What was this magical force that was awakening me? Calling me out of the “safe”, body-soul destroying fortress I had been living in?

As I drank in the majestic beauty of my new home . . .

As I began to connect to new female friends who astounded me with their relaxed, ultra-natural gorgeousness, I began to clue into what this healing power was all about.

I was sitting in on women’s circles, learning about the cycles of the moon and experiencing deep bonds with other women like I had never experienced before . . .

And I began to see, feel and taste the extraordinary power of the feminine.

As I went on to study with my yoga mentor in the Yin-Yang yoga style, I realized that all those years of attempting to conform to a masculine life had left me extremely depleted, exhausted, empty, joyless and struggling to make ends meet because I was severely deficient. I had become deficient in the feminine or yin energy. I had forgotten how to access pleasure . . . I was cut off from my sensuality . . . and I had no idea how to receive.

What I discovered as these areas opened up to me in my new environment was that this was the key to accessing my true desires as a woman.

Can you relate to any of this?

Are you curious how you might tap into this same energy to start unlocking the door to your desires?

I have a very special invitation for you . . .

Join Urban Goddess founder, Amanda Young, and I for a very exclusive Aphrodite Goddess Retreat in Big Sur October 22-23. In this exquisite 2-day journey, we walk you through the proven steps to access the abundant, feminine creative power that is your Birthright!

If you feel disconnected to or at war with your body, exhausted, cut off from your sexuality and pleasure, lacking confidence  . . . or just have that sense that there is more to life, then this retreat is not to be missed.

Amanda and I have no idea if and when we will be holding an event like this again, so I invite you to join us today, and step into the magic, healing and abundant gifts that Aphrodite has to offer you . . . in a one of the most gorgeous settings on the planet.

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