2012 – Creating the Year You Desire

Your year ahead can be whatever you desire it to be!

As the New Year approaches, there can be this sense of anticipation, a sense of just wanting to get there already . . . but what I have found is that the surest way to create a “rockin'” New Year, is to actually enjoy, acknowledge and appreciate where you currently are and have been.

Perhaps you’re feeling some anxiety already around the New Year – will you be able to fulfill your goals?
Or maybe that anxiety will come a bit later once you start feeling like yet another year is speeding by. Why is it that the years seen to speed by faster and faster . . . and you find yourself with a vague sense of dissatisfaction or lack of real fulfillment as each year comes to a close?

Keep reading for some inspiring ideas on how you can bypass this overwhelm, and feeling of NOT being in control . . . these ideas come from my own anti-anxiety toolbox, and have helped me and those I work with begin to create the year, life and emotional state we desire.

Take a nice slow deep breath, try any one or all of these suggests, and enjoy . . .

  1. Acknowledge 2011 – What is good right NOW? Enjoy and reflect. What are you most proud of? Make a list of your accomplishments from this past year – both small and large – and acknowledge yourself for these. It can be all too easy to “forget” what you have actually done, created and experienced . . . this step is critical to building self-confidence and boosting self-trust for what you can create in 2012.
  2. Gratitude grows what is good. Want more of the good stuff in your life? Take some time to create a list of at least 54 things you are grateful for from 2011. If you really want to generate some good juju, go for 108 (a sacred number in yoga). This helps keep your awareness shining on the things you WANT to grow and bring to life.
  3. Be good to yourself NOW. Honor your needs and desires, and do what supports your high-vibration – enjyo gorgeously healthy foods and time to relax, get some extra sleep, get outside and move, do a winter cleanse, catch up with a good friend that you haven’t made the time for over the past few months or year . . .
  4. Set your intention for 2012. Be clear and specific about the kind of emotional state you wish you experience. What kind of energy do you want to experience in the New Year?
  5. Commit to stretching. Although stretching your muscles is wonderful, and I highly recommend it, I’m actually talking about a different kind of stretch. The kind of stretch I’m referring to is one that takes you out of your comfort zone, and in the process creates new neurological pathways that support positive growth and expansion. All successful people take risks. Please know that I’m not suggesting you do something dangerous, just something that feels uncomfortable. For example, commit to and schedule an adventure trip that you have always wanted to take (check out our 2012 Costa Rica Goddess retreat) . . . reach out to someone you admire . . . climb a mountain . . . start the new business you’ve been dreaming of . . . change your “look” . . . life is sweet and short, and to be enjoyed fully right now (rather than regretted later).
  6. Where are you headed in 2012? Are you driving without a map? : )What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? what do you want to experience? What do you wish to enjoy? Pinpoint 1-2 themes or energies that feel most important to you, and allow these to guide you.
  7. Create a vision board. These work, they really do. I’ve always been in awe when reviewing past vision boards – realizing how many things actually did come to pass or where created! Plus it’s a really fun creative project.
  8. Ritualize. Create a little ritual that honors the release of 2011, and initiates you into 2012. Let go of the old and embrace the new in a fun, creative way. Ritual is one of my big “secrets” that I use regularly in my life as well as with clients. It’s a wonderfully sacred way to anchor an idea, energy or intention, helping to make it more real.
  9. Get out of your head and into your heart! Ask for guidance from  your heart. What is your heart’s desire? Really listen. What does your body say?

My heart-felt intention is to assist you in exiting  2011 with ease and grace, while at the same time entering into the most amazing 2012 possible with confidence and joy. I will be doing all of the steps above myself . . . and I would love to hear which step or steps is really powerful for you? Leave a comment below.

Do you have any other ideas of how to transition into the New Year with beauty, peace, love and joy? Share the love by leaving your comment below.

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