Dreams can be incredible medicine.

Have you ever had the experience of connecting to a loved one or message in your dream state?

Maybe you’ve come out of your sleep state feeling a certain emotion, not quite sure what it means.

Dreams essentially (in my belief system) connect you to your deeper knowing, your intuition, and the more hidden parts. When you sleep resistance is down, and your natural flow of wisdom is allowed to flow.
This is why I am such a huge proponent of sleep, and having good quality sleep.

Why am I sharing this with you?
Well, because I have seen that not only can infusing some intention and awareness into
your sleep dream time can open you up to even greater magic and healing, but that you
can use this during your awake time as well. This awake dream time could be called
visioning or journeying.

I have used both sleep dream intentions and awake dream visioning to access some pretty profound results . . . and woke up the other morning (wink, wink) feeling inspired to
share this with you. : )

Here are 3 easy steps to infuse some intention into your sleep time for clarity, releasing
negative emotions and opening up to what you desire to bring into your life.

1. Set the stage. Have the right props both to support a good night’s sleep as well as to “capture” what happens overnight. I like to have my essential oils close by to use a little aromatherapy to help support my intention. Also, your journal and pen should be close at hand, so that you can both write down your dreamtime intention, and record what comes up in the morning.

2. Set your intention. What is it that you want to release? Who would you like toconnect with? What do you require to heal? What energy do you wish to call in?
These are just a few examples of guiding questions to ask yourself when setting
your intention. Keep it simple, make sure it speaks to YOU and write it down. If you don’t normally remember your dreams, you might add something like: “may I remember what I require to remember”. Bonus: You may also consider calling in a special “guide” to support you on your journey.

3. Translation. When you first wake up, write down any emotions that are present for you, any images you recall, any people or scenarios you remember from your sleep state. Don’t sensor, just write. If in doubt, just tune into what your body is
saying. Sometimes I’ll keep my journal by me as I do my yoga and meditation because additional “messages” will bubble up. Don’t worry about figuring it out, just trust your inner knowing and your body/emotions.

Enjoy this process, it’s fun and uncover all kinds of special little goodies. Leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!

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