Everything in Moderation: Is it really a good idea?

Can you "do" moderation?

The other night while out at bar/restaurant watching a friend perform, one of my girlfriends said the phrase “Everything in moderation, right?”, as she was describing her latest get healthy regime.

And I noticed, as I always do, how this statement just rubs me the wrong way.

When I noticed my internal reaction, I wondered “am I just being judgmental or rigid?’

But when I really checked in, I realized the answer was not so black and white.

Is everything in moderation really a good idea to blindly embrace?

And more importantly, is it in service to your or my highest good?

Before I go any further, what do you feel?

I came to conclusion that this phrase is way too vague and obtuse to be of any service. For some people moderation (depending on what that means) can be a healthy way to keep them from being to restrictive and rigid (if we assume that we are applying the word “everything” to just food).

But for others, this could be a dangerous and non-committal way to keep feeding an addiction or offer too much opportunity for ping-ponging, guilt and lack of self-confidence and trust.

So, is moderation in all things really a good idea?

It kind of depends.

And in many cases I feel that it’s really NOT such a great idea.

Is moderation going to help an alcoholic?

Not really.

Or someone who has food sensitivities or allergies?

Probably not.

What about those with eating disorders, emotional eating issues, etc.?

Most likely, no.

I came to the conclusion that it is not whether “everything in moderation” works or not, but that it is all in HOW you can approach this idea.

If you can approach it from a place of balance, confidence and empowerment, then it’s absolutely harmless.

However, if you embrace it from a place of uncertainty, low self-esteem, no sense of self or making excuses, then it is really not of service.

Here’s a little 3-step “moderation” exploration for you:

  1. What does YOUR version of moderation look like? Do a little exploring and create your own rules. What do you KNOW really doesn’t serve you? Do you have any potential “triggers” that could send you into a raging binge, cause bodily harm or send you into an addictive cycle? Are you too strict with yourself? What are those things that you know really DO serve you in a big way? Are you including those regularly?
  1. Always act from a clear intention. When and if you do choose to have something that may not be in service to your highest good, be clear on why you are choosing it at this time. If it is coming from a space of love, then enjoy! If it comes from a place of proving, pleasing someone else, numbing out, self-punishment, etc., then it may be better to find a different distraction.
  1. Be willing to be different. Most people are living in a disempowered “what ever everybody else is doing” kind of daze. This is NOT a judgment at all. In fact, I totally support each person in their path, however that looks. But I know that most of the women (and men) reading this do have a desire for a little something more than status quo, which requires a willingness to stand in your power and enjoy being a little different. 🙂

What do you think of moderation? How does it serve you, and maybe, how does it not? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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