This book will change your life!

I’ve co-authored a book with 24 other amazing women entrepreneurs from around the world,  and I’m very excited to say that it’s a book like none other available!

A book that will inspire, uplift and connect us all on a deeper global level.

How would you feel if suddenly your life fell apart? What if you found yourself in prison, divorced, seriously ill, bankrupt, disabled, alone, addicted or any one of many other unthinkable disasters? Well, that is exactly the kind of challenge that each of us included in this unique anthology faced.
And it is from the depths of these life-changing crises, from our Turning Points, that each of us women stopped, took stock and consciously decided to turn our lives around.
Each one of us candidly shares the often heart-wrenching, yet ultimately inspiring tale of
exactly what took each one of us out of the depths of despair, and into a renewal.

What makes this book incredibly unique (and very exciting) is that it is not just stories,
but includes practical advice, comprehensive resources, connections, ideas, and even
valuable giveaways and free consultations. This distinction makes this book valuable
beyond measure, allowing you to directly and actively benefit from what each of us has
learned along our unique path.

The Dali Lama has said that it is the Western woman who will create the positive change
this planet desperately requires. Read this book and meet 25 women who have embraced
this message, then enjoy all the resources to create change in your own life!

To really put our money where our mouths are, 10% of the royalties from this book will
go to Seeds for Development, a small charity supporting the poorest people in Uganda.
Its mission is to lift farmers out of poverty and support self-sustainability by providing
risk free loans, in the form of agricultural inputs such as seed directly to the farmers.

I am truly blessed to be able to participate in such a revolutionary book with a truly
revolutionary message. A message that our planet deeply requires at this time.


“Rarely does a book find a way not only to take you on a personal life-changing journey,
but also is able to give you shining examples of those who have gone before, to serve as
guideposts shining their wisdom for you to light the pathway home. This is such a book.”
~ Rose Cole,

“Talk about TURNING Points!!” Every single one of these stories is a profound gift!
Not only to women, not only to entrepreneurs but to ANYONE who is up against a
wall and yearning for the kind of inspiration and motivation that will provide the key
to breaking through into the light! – I highly recommend especially the story by my
colleague and friend Karin Volo – if her journey isn’t about turning lemons into lemonade
I don’t know what is! – Angels are among us – they are RIGHT here in this very book!”
~ Amethyst Wyldfyre, Destiny Mentor for the Empowered Messenger,

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