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Health on the go

I often hear from clients that they feel challenged in staying on track when they take life on the road (aka travel). It’s true that you may not have the same options or schedule, but the secret is really in a wee bit of pre-planning. Think of it as part of your travel planning.

The benefits are: a more enjoyable trip (more energy, etc.), experiencing things outside the normal “tourist” viewpoint, and a sense of empowerment that is so fulfilling.


I always travel with a few essentials, as well as make sure I scope out any local farmer’s markets and health food stores either before I go or once I’m there. When we were in Hawaii a few years ago, my honey and I rented a beach-front apartment (I found something under $100/night). We scoped out some gorgeous farmer’s markets where we scored  local fresh delicacies to make tropical morning smoothies, and have some fresh snacks to pack as we went out exploring. The farmer’s markets also provided a fun way to mesh with the locals, and experience some craft treasures like handmade baskets made from palm leaves.

My basic food travel list

In baggies: clean protein powder of choice (some faves include hemp, Garden of Life Raw Protein, Vega Shake’n’Go, Sun Warrior; green food powder – provides enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and alkaline support for energy. You can see our recommended products page for faves. Flax and chia seeds – I can always add them to things while I’m on the road for extra fiber and omega 3’s. Soaked chia or flax seeds can be a great way to avoid traveler’s constipation.

Probiotics – I choose a brand that does not need refrigeration. Helps keep the nasty buggies away!

Bars – choosing healthy options for convenient bars can be a total life saver! I like Larabars, Organic Food Bars, Garden of Life, Vega, Pure, and any of the truly raw options. Stay away Cliff and Luna bars, which are not much better than a candy bar (they just have good marketing).

Celtic sea salt – OK, I know it may seem a little kooky to bring my own salt, but this salt is really a superfood. Not only can I stash it in my day bag to sprinkle on my food, but it can also be used to help rebalance electrolytes if you add a pinch to your water bottle. This goes in a baggie.

“Real” food

Cucumbers – these are great as they have their own “package” if you take them whole. They provide much needed hydration, enzymes, chlorophyll (get organic and eat the skin), vitamins, minerals and cleansing properties. And if you can’t eat the whole thing, you can always use some extra slices to depuff your eyes (LOL).

Celery and carrot – bring some from home or pick up some already cut at your local health food store.

Raw almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds – a nice way to get a little protein and healthy fats in a way that travels well.

Apples – they have a protective skin, and can even help clean your teeth. : )

Oranges, grapefruit, lemons – these are excellent for travel. They can get knocked around without suffering at all. And the smell of peeling citrus will put you in a good mood no matter how stressed or tired your travel day has made you.

Avocados – Yes, they are a bit fragile, but usually I just put them into a small Tupperware container without the lid, so they get a little nest. Then I use my handy bamboo travel utensils to cut it open and scoop onto raw crackers or cucumber.

Raw crackers – I like to make my own, but you can also get some at any health food store. They are a great way to avoid the questionable peanuts, pretzels and other “snacks” on the plane.

Goji berries – these supply aminos, and a gently sweet taste.

Baked whole yams or sweet potatoes – creamy sweetness in a tidy package. These provide a good dose of beta-carotene, complex carbs, fiber, vitamin C . . . they go well with the avocado above. : )

Young Living Essential Oils

I NEVER leave home without them. Great for fatigue, jet lag, digestive distress, immune defense, energetic clearing and more!

My faves to bring are Lemon (I put it in my water), DiGize, Lavender, Valor, Orange (pure joy!), Peppermint, Abundance, Geranium (good as a deodorant) and Thieves (kills anything that could possibly ail you).

To order: use code 904207

Staying centered

I load my iPhone with yoga and meditation audios, so that I can have an easy way to make sure I stay centered. I love yoga for that reason. You can do it anywhere!

I also take a DVD or two to pop into my laptop for more of a “class” feel. Travel can be really ungrounding, so having these easily mobile support tools is incredibly helpful.


My newest exciting find = a refillable water bottle with a filter. I just got an EcoVessel bottle from Amazon, and I love it! Now that you can’t take liquids on the plane, and low quality bottled water is ridiculously overpriced, this bottle is a life-saver. I simply go through check in with it empty, then head to the nearest water fountain or sink, fill it up, and enjoy clean filtered water as I suck it up through the straw. Definitely a great find!

Do you have some healthy travel tips of your own? I would love to hear them! Please share them below.

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