How to Nourish Your Sacred Self

Time to fly!

When you inhabit, connect with and nourish your physical body you become a clear channel for Divine Energy to flow through you.

This flow is what awakens your sacred self, or the part of you that is powerful, knowing, pure creative energy.

This is what I call “Sacred Embodiment” and it’s the critical foundation of the work that I do. Sacred Embodiment is the space where inspiration flows, and desires begin to manifest in physical form, meaning things you may have been wanting for a while begin to magically arrive. (pretty cool!)

I started to notice that I connect to many of my big “aha’s” and successful inspired ideas when I’m hiking, dancing or doing yoga. These are the times when I’m aligned with my desires and feeling peaceful, blissed, empowered, balanced and like anything is possible.

Connecting to nature

Those are also the moments when I’m fully connected with my Sacred or Divine self, and  magnetized to the health, lifestyle, emotional balance and prosperity I desire.

What are the moments when you connect to your Sacred Self?

In most cases, your Sacred self requires space, attention, ritual, movement, breath . . .

The body is the temple of the soul. I know this might not be a new concept for you, but rather than simply nodding in agreement or casual knowing, I invite you to actually breathe into this idea and really “embody” it.

The more connected you become with your body the more creative energy can pour through you. The more creative force, or Shakti energy, that flows through you, the more you open to and receive physical health, energy, passion, inspiration, clarity, connection, love and abundance.

Sacred Embodiment is much more than just going thru the motions, or doing, eating or moving the way you think you should. It’s about presence, as well as the ability to tune into what REALLY, genuinely feels good. Tuning into what feels good takes a bit of practice, but let the questions below serve as a first step to help guide you towards awakening your “Shakti” and have fun exploring what truly nourishes your divine self. : )

**Leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!**

Before answering these questions, take a moment to close the eyes, take a few deep breaths and really check in . . .

1. How does your body communicate with you and tell you how s/he is feeling? What is your body saying to you right now?

2. How do you care for your body? How are you “nourishing” your body? Your life? Your dreams? How is your life nourishing you? (think career, relationships, lifestyle, etc.)

3. How do you enjoy expressing yourself physically? Are you allowing this to happen in your life on a regular basis? If not, why not? (dig deep, don’t settle for the excuses of “no time”, “the kids”, “my partner”, etc.)

4. Do you feel like you are allowing your divine self to flow through every cell of your body? Where can you invite more divine energy into your physical body?

5. What inspired action can you take TODAY to invite more divine energy into your body?

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Love and healthy bliss,


Sacred Embodiment

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