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Embodying Possibility!

I’m going to assume if you’re reading this as a part of the YBN community, that you have at least a tinsy tiny part of you that believes in magic … and a tinsy tiny part of you that craves adventure (even if it frightens you a bit).

Let me explain a little …

Last week I experienced having plans be turned upside down. One of these shifts involved a trip I had intended to take up to Lake Tahoe for a high-energy music and yoga festival.

For the most part, I had been looking forward to this “yoga party” up in the mountains … and yet, I was aware of a little part of me that was “not feeling it”.

Well, the day before I was scheduled to go, there was a shift in plans that allowed me the space to be real with myself about what served my highest good … but first I will fully admit to being pretty upset about having my plans disrupted. 🙂

Once my ego got out of the way, I realized what I REALLY needed was a quieter time … a personal retreat. There has been a lot of moving and movement and energy output in my life recently, and a non-harmful, but very uncomfortable health blip reminded me that I probably needed to take my own advice, slow down, go out into nature and refuel.

So, I opened myself up to what I really wanted … and to manifesting it, while keeping myself open to the magic of an adventure.

What and who showed up was truly beyond what I could have imagined. And it all happened pretty darn quickly!

I share this with you because most likely you’ve found yourself very attached to “The Plan” at some time in your life, right?

And when something happens to mess with it, you might feel like you want to throw a hissy fit … which is fine. We are all definitley entitled to feel what we feel. This is normal and healthy. It’s just being sure that the emotions don’t get stuck. (how to navigate this is something I teach in my retreats and programs).

Once the reaction passes, you can open up what’s possible. And it’s in the space of possibility that real magical manifesting can happen.

For me, possibility also equates to a certain quality of adventure. That uncharted territory that you get navigate without a traditional map, but with your vision of what you desire as your road map.

Now, here’s where you are offered the choice:

  1. You can choose to have this possibility adventure bring up fear
  2. Or you can choose to feel the elation & excitement of spreading your wings into what’s possible – even though you don’t really know what it looks like.

Let me share a little tip here that feels important:

** You will never really know what ANYTHING is going to look like or be like. All of life is uncertain, so it’s always better to just enjoy the ride!

Here’s a fun quote from Einstein that so speaks to this:

“Past is dead. Future is uncertain. Present is all you have, so eat, drink & live merry.”

My questions for you are:

“How will you “eat, drink & live merry?”

What will you choose to “eat” in your life? How will you digest the fullness and beauty of the life you have created?

Will you choose to drink and enjoy the sweet nectar of the present moment?

Will you choose to enjoy NOW, instead of waiting for …. (fill in the blank)

Embodiment Tip

While I was on my personal retreat/possibility adventure this weekend, I knew I wanted to utilize the energy of today’s Full Moon, so I created a VERY simple, yet Powerful little ritual that I’m going to share with you.

“Moon Bathing”: Open up to Possibility & Creative Power

This little ritual allows you to embody your manifestation power and creative energy in a very real way. And it all begins with the body. When you experience something viscerally, it allows it to better flow into and permeate other areas of life.

This is one of the main principles of Tantric Yoga, which I teach and practice.

How to do it:

  1. This enlivening and uplifting ritual is best done around the time of the full moon (right now!), which means on the full moon or a within the few days before or after the full moon.
  2. Find a spot outside where you can see the moon and stand in it’s light. Take a moment to gaze at, and connect with, this beautiful glowing orb in the sky.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine roots coming out of your feet that ground you into the earth
  4. Now imagine you have an opening between your eye brows, often called the “third eye”.
  5. As you feel this center open like a flower, see/feel the moon’s energy and light beginning to enter into this opening. Allow it to fill you and flood you.
  6. As you feel this energy coming in, feel yourself bathing in the possibility of what you are desiring to manifest or open up to in your life.
  7. Simply stand, breath and bath in the moon light. You may begin to feel a deep calm and peace come through you.
  8. Once you feel complete (maybe 5-8 minutes), thank the moon for her bath and know that magic has begun!

Join us for the upcoming 5-Day “Joyful Harvest” retreat at Tassajara here, where you’ll dive deeply into all kinds of special practices and rituals!

Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below!

xox Ana

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