Is it over yet?

Embracing the beauty of the journey

“Does it ever end?”

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times (and thought it myself at times) in regards to the yoga, personal growth, self-care or health journey . . . and my answer has always been an emphatic “NO”.

It really DOESN’T end.

And if it did “end” or come to some kind of final destination, then that would be it.

I mean IT. Done. Finito. Finished.

You would be frozen, dead, lacking any semblance of vitality. Essentially a cadaver on every level – body, mind and spirit.

If the journey did come to an end, it would be a lifeless and pasty kind of existence. Yuck. 🙁

But I can fully understand where this question comes from.

So often the ever-changing and sometimes unstable flow of life can feel like it’s wearing you down, and you may feel tired of constantly searching.

An “end” at this time can feel like it would bring peace and stability.

But THE end is really that stiff, lifeless, pasty cadaver place.

True peace, on the other hand, is what we cultivate inside. When this inner peace is created, you then get to command your own little vessel of peace as you continue to navigate the oceans,  mountains, deserts and valleys of life.

This peace is what offers the emotional, mental and physical stability to continue on the path of life, learning and growing with grace.

After many years of my own struggles with always seeking outside of  myself, numbing out, escaping, wishing for an “end” (which at one point had me wishing for an end to my life in this body), I was one day gifted with the tools and guidance to begin leading me towards REAL peace.

This was the peace that finally allowed me to heal my relationship with my body, myself and life on this planet, as well as overcome my challenges with depression.

This peace allows you to know deep down inside that you WILL be okay, no matter what happens. That the essence of you is eternal and does not die.

 With this knowledge, I vowed 2 things:

  1. To do whatever it took to cultivate an inner peace so that I could navigate the adversity and challenges of life with ease and grace (as much as possible) by cultivating a resiliency in my body, mind and emotions.
  2. To live the life I really want to live, and continue to push past fears and doubts, release old ways of dimming my light, and surround myself with uplifting and inspiring people

Underneath it all, this deep and real peace is what I offer the women I work with. Of course there are many other tangible results to be experienced, but I hear over and over again about the peace part.

So, I’m now owning it, and sharing it with you. : )

Food for thought

Take a moment to journal on the following:

  • How can you be at peace with yourself?
  • With your body?
  • With circumstances outside your control?
  • How can you be at peace with all of this while owning your power to create what you want?
  • What would it take to shed the fear, the unhealthy habits, the victim mentality, and live this journey like you mean it . . . and enjoy it along the way?
  • What would you need to do? Where would you need to go? Where would you go for support?
  • What or who would you need to let go of?
  • What fears would you need to face and overcome?

From these answers, what is your “inner peace vow” to yourself? Then share your vow, comments or suggestions below!

**Remember, at your core you will ALWAYS be OK no matter what happens.

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