Staying True to your Inner Compass

Following Inner Guidance

Your heart always knows best

I had an “aha” moment the other day when talking to my mother about a recent separation I initiated from my sweetheart of 7 years.

I realized that I have the ability to make really difficult decisions, and take uncomfortable action in the name of supporting what’s best for my higher self.

In those sticky moments of taking action on these difficult decisions I have often felt horrible. Knots in my gut and my throat, quivering insides, sadness, guilt, fear of the unknown . . . but at the same time, there has always been a knowing, a very deep knowing that I need to do something DIFFERENT.

I had this experience when I flat out left a dance career of almost 20 years . . .

And again when I moved to Italy (not knowing ANY Italian!) for a summer to do some soul searching during a difficult time . . .

And again when I took everything and moved out West . . .

And yet again when I made an enormous financial investment in myself and my business last year . . .

And then again when I recently initiated a separation with my sweetie of 7 years . . .


None of these were easy. In fact, most of them were heart-wrenching.

Even just writing this, I can feel the emotion welling up.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

Well, for one, I want to be as transparent as possible, and  let you to know that we ALL face difficult decisions.

I also want to share the gem that I got from all of these experiences, which is that to follow your true heart, and do what is really best for your higher self usually DOES NOT feel good in the moment.

It almost always requires stepping outside of what is comfortable.

But if you are really and truly able to be true to yourself, WOW, the gifts can be beyond what you imagined.

Facing what is difficult while staying true to yourself is a muscle you need to flex a bit and hone. It takes practice, patience, and being open to the unknown.

But I can tell you that in each of these difficult decisions came enormous gifts.

  • A  new career that I love and meshes perfectly with my lifestyle.
  • The opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
  • A business that is giving healing to people all over the planet, while growing and thriving.
  • And opening up the lines of communication between myself and a person I love very much in a way that we never could have imagined.

Mmmmm, some tears again . . ..

Your “Higher Self” Assignment:

Being that it’s spring time now, we are in the full energy of transformation, of creating change, of taking action, and of shedding our “skins”.

What I want to encourage you to do (and encourage myself to continue as well) is to practice listening to those clues inside. Those little voices, those physical cues, those “gut feeling”, those intuitive hits.

Listen AND follow up with ACTION!

You might feel a knot in your belly or throat when you speak with a particular person. You may notice an excitement about something that seems “crazy” to your rational mind. (I know this one well)

If you’ve been ignoring the inner voice for too long, you may be having health issues often that seem kind of “mysterious”. Anything from digestive problems to cancer.

Truth is these are not mysterious at all, but your higher self crying out for attention.

So, I invite you to take a big deep breath right into your belly . . . And now again, right into your low belly . . . And one more time, this time letting out an “ahhhhhh” on the exhale.

If what I have been sharing with you sparks a little something inside, then ask yourself the question:

“What do I REALLY need right now?”

Then just wait.

You can ask again as many times as you want, but only after taking at least 3 deep breaths into your belly.

Then journal, walk, meditate, dance, draw, paint, cook, sing – whatever!

Keep asking until you get the answer.

Oh, and remember, the answer may scare you a bit. It may feel uncomfortable.

But it will also offer a tinge of excitement, a feeling of “rightness”.

Here’s your promise mantra to yourself:

“I WILL take action”.

Know that I’m doing this right along with you! : )

If you need support, PLEASE get it.

It’s there for you, you just need to ask.

Know that the tribe of Yoga Body Nutrition is here to support you fully.

Stay tuned, as I will be sharing more on this and on what has happened on my personal journey when I have honored my higher self.

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with much love,


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