Finding Real “Sweetness”

Finding your new, healthy sweet spotHow’s your relationship with sugar these days?

Loaded question, I know. ; )

But a good one to get really real with if you desire a vibrant, fulfilling, and even prosperous life in which you can truly thrive.

For most of my life my relationship with sugar was totally dysfunctional at best, and completely destructive at worst (which was most to the time). Not only was it destroying my immune system, wreaking havoc on my energy levels and skin, contributing to horrible PMS, digestive pain and headaches, and playing a huge role in the depression and severe hypoglycemia I struggled with for many years, but there was an even deeper, darker truth.

I eventually saw how this dysfunctional and destructive relationship was an unconscious way to keep myself small, and not really live my truth and my desires.

How could I? I felt awful, and was in no shape to take on the role of successful business owner, leader, mentor, mother, lover, creative spiritual being . . . it affected literally EVERY area of my life.

My creative life force was completely shut down, and I had no idea HOW much my addiction was keeping me down until I started to break free, and find what I call “real” sweetness – the sweetness of life.

Now, you might be reading this thinking “so, does she NEVER eat sugar?!!” Let me assure you, I’m not into perfection and “never’s”, but I will say it’s honestly very rare at this point in my life.


Because I’ve found so much sweetness in other ways. Even when I do make a conscious decision to have some cake at a party or sample a holiday cookie, I often leave most of it behind because it just doesn’t hold that same appeal and satisfaction.

The first time this happened, I was actually pretty shocked! I thought maybe it was a different kind of cake or cookie that was just super-sweet and felt really “empty”.

But I realized that I had changed, not the sugar treat. I often suggest to my clients after they begin to transform their diet and relationship to food that they go back and try some of those favorite “forbidden” foods so they can have the same “aha” that I did.

All of them come back to me saying something like, “I can’t believe I used to love this!”

Proof that transformation CAN happen. It’s very possible.

Denial is no fun. Deprivation is NOT the spice of life . . . but addiction (whether it’s sugar or cocaine) will suck the life out of you. I know that sounds rather harsh, but I’m saying this out of love . . . and from some very difficult life experience.

Inspired decisive action, on the other hand, is empowering. Making a conscious choice to honor your body, your energy and your success in all areas supports that beautiful, magnetic creative life force that you see in those you admire.

This is NOT about making the decision to be perfect or even “good”. It’s the decision to be EXQUISITE.

It’s the decision to feel beautiful (inside and out) . . . the decision to drink in the subtle, sweet nectar of life . . . the decision to feel clarity and energy . . .  the decision to experience the pleasure and depth of life in all it’s peaks and valleys . . . the decision to embrace your purpose and shine  your light . . . the decision to enjoy success (in your business, as a volunteer, with your kids, whatever!) . . . it’s the decision to experience a truly extraordinary relationship with yourself and with a life partner

Yes, making a clear-cut choice is not for the faint of heart, or for those who would like to just survive and settle . . . but I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re different – you want to thrive.

So, for now, I invite you to just breathe into all this.

Breathe into whether any of this is even true for you . . . breathe into where you are right NOW . . . breathe into what you truly desire for yourself as you progress in this beautiful and short life . . .

As we move towards the dark (New) moon on Monday, it’s the perfect time to take a little time to begin to release what’s not serving, and set a joyful intention around how you really want to move forward in your life.

Journal, draw, imagine . . . don’t be afraid to take a little journey into the depths of your truth. I’m here with you every step of the way.

And then, stay tuned for next week, where I’ll share some juicy tips for finding real sweetness in your life instead of in the cookie jar. : )

If you’re feeling ready NOW to get some support in this, then let’s set up a time to chat – you and I.

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PS – And don’t worry, if it’s sweetness from food that’s the order of the moment, there are soooo many options for getting that need met without suffering from the negative effects of sugar. More on that next week . . . or search the site for recipes!

PPS – Watch the follow up video on this post here

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