Your YES!

open-armsThe word Yes has a lot of power to it. It is a full-bodied commitment when said sincerely from the heart and with confidence and truth.

It moves you forward towards what you want (unless you are saying “yes” out of obligation, but that’s another subject entirely).

It opens you up to receiving, where as “no” very clearly closes you/contracts you.

In order to say an empowered, authentic “Yes”, you need to first have the space for that yes and for receiving. If there is no space, that “yes” is empty, filled with obligation, should, guilt, hesitancy, uncertainty, etc.

It is not a powerful “yes” that attracts and aligns and uplifts.

As I was reviewing my 2013, I could see so clearly that it was a year of letting go, which meant a lot of saying “no” to what I knew in my heart did not serve. Sometimes this even happened for me.

I let go of a home that did not feel aligned …

I released my car (in an accident) …

I finally surrendered the last bits of attachments to a past relationship …

I released lots of “things” …

I surrendered to uncertainty during 2 months of homelessness as I stuck to my intuition that the ideal situation was on it’s way …

I let go of my attachments to having projects turn out “my way” …


All of these were NOT easy at all … BUT as I reflected on the past year, I smiled at the immense gifts that all these spaces opened up for me to receive and say a full-bodied, clear, enthusiastic “YES!”

I was able to say “YES!” to an incredible new relationship beyond what I imagined … a new home I adore … a new business venture and partnership … and just a better sense of myself, my path and my power.

Saying "yes!" :)

Saying “yes!” 🙂

As modern-day humans, it seems we can be VERY uncomfortable with empty space … so you may find yourself avoiding creating space, saying “no” when you really want to, and filling up any empty spaces as quickly as you possibly can.

Doing, doing, doing … that can easily become a mantra.

We definitely need the “doing”, but the releasing and the being are just as vital … maybe even more important because it can be hard to say an authentic “Yes” if you’re overwhelmed and swimming in the vortex of “busy, busy, busy, stuff, stuff, stuff.”

I’d love to support you in your beautifully aligned, enthusiastic “YESES” this year, so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite ways to create space below.

Leave a comment below and let me know which of these resonate with you … or even pipe in with some of your faves.

How to create space

  1. Loving, clear “no’s”
  2. Releasing physical, emotional, mental, relationship “baggage”
  3. Yoga (esp. Yin Yoga), meditation, journaling
  4. The breath
  5. Detox/Cleansing
  6. Crying/releasing emotion safely
  7. Physical exercise
  8. Being in nature (esp. open spaces or high up places)
  9. Sleeping & dreaming
  10. Releasing attachments/the need to control
  11. Slowing down
  12. Going on retreat

These are a few of top favorites for making space for those yeses to flow out with authentic power and allow you to receive the bounty of that yes.

If you’d love a little perspective on your “Yes” journey this year, I’m opening up some spaces for a unique new program called “Divinely Aligned that has evolved out of my own personal journey and 15+ years teaching, mentoring, supporting others on their path.

If you are feeling even just a little stuck, overwhelmed, confused, or in transition, I invite you to a complimentary, no-obligation conversation where we can go over what’s happening for you and you can learn more about Divinely Aligned.

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I look forward to connecting soon! xox



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