Creamy Dairy-Free “Ice Cream”

This has been a summer favorite for me ever since I discovered it. All I can say is that you will love it! Warning: it may become a daily healthy obsession. : )

You need a food processor to make it, or you can also use a Vita-Mix. Just don’t try it with a regular blender – it won’t work.

Play with flavors, have fun! It’s summer after all. Ideas to try include adding raw cacao powder or nibs, frozen berries in the mix or fresh berries on top, goji berries, dried coconut, fresh mint, cinnamon, vanilla, even lavender can be exotic and delicious. Experiment, let your creative juices flow, or just keep it simple.

I often like to add a teaspoon or two of coconut oil  or almond butter for extra richness. Yummmm . . . leave a comment below to let me know how it goes.

Option 1: In the food processor (use the “S” blade):

You will need to peel and chop 2 bananas and freeze them at least 2 hours in advance. I usually just keep a stash in the freezer to make it easy.

Add: 2-3 frozen bananas, 2-4 tbsp. almond milk, coconut milk or water to to the bowl of the processor. You can add in any other extras at this time too.

Process the mixture just until smooth. Over processing can melt it too much. You may need to stop and scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl as you go.

Option 2: In the Vita-Mix:

Add 3 ripe bananas and 1.5 cups ice to the Vita-Mix. Add any additional items at this time as well. Blend using “tamper” to push the mixture to the blades just until smooth. Again, don’t over blend.

This mixture is best enjoyed right away, but you can store it in an airtight container in the freezer if you have leftovers (which I highly doubt!).


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