Create the Change YOU want

embrace your desired change!

How many times have you said you wanted something, but couldn’t seem to take the action towards acquiring or achieving it?

And more importantly, how many countless hours, days and maybe even years have you spent mentally beating yourself up for not doing whatever it is you say you want to do?

What I’m talking about here is that tendency we can have as human beings to resist what we really and truly desire.

I am definitely guilty of doing this myself . . . I’ve resisted love, I’ve resisted business opportunities, I’ve resisted support, I’ve resisted making investments in myself that I knew deep down would bring gifts beyond what I could imagine . . . I’ve even resisted taking a relaxing bath!

Can you relate a bit?

Have you found yourself feeling like you’re standing in your own way?

Have you wondered why you keep saying one thing, yet NOT DOING that one thing, and rather doing another?

What is it that stops you from creating the change you truly desire?

Before I dive into some possible “answers” here, I want to share a short story . ..

The other day, I was driving on a 4-lane highway here where I live, and as I approached a busy intersection where my stream of traffic could either turn left or go straight, the woman in front of me began to slow as if she was going to go left.

But she didn’t go left.

And she didn’t go straight either.

She ended up coming to a complete stop straddling both lanes in the middle of the intersection on a highway. Yikes!

Now, she could have just decided to go straight or go left, even if she wasn’t sure that this was the “right” way. Instead she was literally paralyzed by the fear that one of the ways was the wrong way.

And worse still, in this fear paralysis, she had put herself and others in great danger.

What would have happened if she took the left turn?

Well, it could have been either the right way or the wrong way, right?

And if it was the wrong way was there danger involved?

Not really.

She simply would have to turn around, which is not that big of a deal on this particular road.

Instead she allowed her fear of making the change to stop her completely and create what she feared most – danger and death.

All fear change is at its root a fear of death, no matter what it’s focused on.

I have to say, I found this experience a bit astounding . . . and also VERY educational.

I got to see firsthand what stops so many from creating the change or making the choice that leads them to what they desire.

Did this woman REALLY want to stop in the middle of the highway and create an obstruction?

Most likely that was not her intention.

And yet that’s what she ended up doing . . . and this is just one of the many ways we can stop ourselves, and even create very negative effects, instead of taking that step forward (or taking that left turn, lol).

Here are 4 Simple Steps to begin Creating the Change You Desire and reap the rewards of living your dreams

  1. Inquire. Literally ask yourself why you haven’t done _____, or moved forward on ______, or started _________. Maybe you’ve been wanting to get off sugar and make healthy dietary shifts so that you can experience more energy and shed a little belly pooch. .. maybe you’ve been wanting to take dance classes as a fun way to stay fit . . . maybe you’ve been wanting to move or start your own business. Whatever it is, acknowledge first that you have NOT been taking proactive action towards this desire, and ask yourself with love “WHY?” Just ask, then see what comes up. Most likely as you ask and listen, you’ll discover some level of fear there. This leads to step #2 . . .
  2. Deconstruct the fear. When I work with clients, I lead them through a process that is really effective for moving past fears. It’s one I use with myself too. The gist of this process is that you need dive into the fear, feel it, feel the worst case scenario and then let it go. Usually engaging in this practice allows you to see that it’s not as bad as you thought before really diving into it in this imaginary way.
  3. Release/Let go/Detox. Once you’ve started to demystify the fear a bit, it’s time to clear some space to bring the positive change into your life in a way that feels easy and organic. The best way to do this is to consciously choose to let go of what’s NOT serving you. Don’t allow this step to overwhelm you. Just let go of something, anything that doesn’t serve. It doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING. Start small, and gradually do more and more. This creates a vacuum that literally draws in the positive change (or at least makes it flow more).
  4. Embody the positive change. This can mean a few things. It definitely means taking some kind of inspired action, but sometimes there needs to be an intermediate embodiment action. For example, if you were wanting to make particular changes in your diet, but still felt overwhelmed by actually doing it, you might make an altar that represents what this change would look like, and how it would make you feel. You could include a photo of you from a time when you felt healthy, a feather for lightness and flight, a little statue of Ganesh (a deity that represents the removal of obstacles) and even a creative arrangement of leafy greens like kale, parsley, dill, etc. in a vase. Maybe you would put a heart-shaped stone or crystal over your photo to represent self-love, or the business card of a health coach or mentor that you would like support from . . . the possibilities are endless! And this is a fun and creative way to remove yourself from the actual action, while moving energy in the direction of the change you  are desiring. There are infinite ways to embody this, so have fun! If you’re totally stuck? Get support! 🙂

Ready for a Body or Life Shift? Know you need to create some positive change in your life, but just can’t seem to DO it? Don’t be shy, get the loving support you deserve .. .

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Please share any thoughts or comments on how you like to create positive change in your own life. xo

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