Dairy-free Diva’s Cream Cheese

creamy, dairy-free, delicious!

[POPUP=IMG1] If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you know I have a weakness for cheesecake, but being dairy-free (allergy, mucus, belly bloat, poor quality, hormones, antibiotics, etc) I set out to create an absolutely delicious version of this treat to obliterate any possible feelings of deprivation. See my recipe here.

So, when I had a craving for some cream cheese with the gorgeous wild smoked salmon, red onions and heirloom tomatoes I had in my kitchen, I set out to create a replication that wasn’t some processed soy experiment, AND could be easy to make.

So here’s what I created, and I will tell you, it’s almost identical to the “real thing” (minus the “dairy” after-taste). Enjoy it as a substitute for the dairy version! I’ve topped cucumbers or tomato slices with pesto and a dollop of this, spread it on my veggie/flax crackers, used it as a dip for for celery and carrots, and you could even use it in a dessert. Leave a comment below if you come up with something divinely inspired, healthy and delicious!

  • 1 cup cold coconut cream (simply buy a can of full fat organic coconut milk, don’t shake it, open it up and scoop the dense cream off the top. You may want to chill your can for a little bit to get it nice and cold)
  • 1 tbsp. white miso paste (you can also use 2 tsp. nutritional yeast)
  • about 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice (taste and adjust if you need)
  • zest of one lemon (optional, but really good – you can lessen the lemon juice if you use)
  • about a 1/4 of tsp. Celtic salt (again adjust)
  • 2-4 drops liquid stevia (a little goes a long way, so start small and adjust if you need)
  • optional: if it’s for savory use, you can add fresh herbs and chopped garlic. If it’s for sweet use, then cinnamon, vanilla and/or orange zest can be really nice

Now, you can get out your mixer and beat all the ingredients together for 2-3 minutes, or you can simply combine well with a spoon like I did.

Note: the coconut cream melts at a lower temperature than dairy, so wait for anything warm to cool a bit before spreading. : )

Eat and enjoy!

love and healthy bliss,


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