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simplicityThe holidays can often feel stressful and complicated with coordinating plans, travel, family, food, feeling alone, etc. The highest rate of suicide is at this time of year – yikes! But it truly does NOT have to be that way. There exists in each of us a place of open awareness & simplicity that is happy, spacious, light and at peace. Conversely, when things are complex, we tend to be in a place of unhappiness or suffering. “Complications” may show up as hidden stuck emotions, unhealthy relationships, resistance, unhealthy or imbalanced lifestyle, indecision, overwhelm, negative beliefs, addictions, depression, etc. This complex place tends to feel heavy and weigh us down.

This simple practice is designed to support you in letting go of whatever no longer serves you, while bringing in more simplicity, where you can feel lighter, more creative, inspired, fulfilled, whole, and aligned with possibility! Yay! 🙂

Simplicity Practice

1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself: “Is there anything in my life that is causing me to feel a sense of  discomfort, uneasiness, or pain?”

You can choose a persistent issue that has bothered you for years, or it may be something that has recently come up. It’s okay to focus on a chronic, physical issue, just don’t approach this practice as a cure. Rather the idea is to focus on patterns of perception that keep you held in a place of suffering.

2. For the next week, sit quietly for at least 5 minutes each day with the intention of clearing away complications. Choose one area you feel is most important for you right now, and focus there.

Through this little meditation, pinpoint the smallest possible action you can take, then take it. The next day choose the next smallest action, then take it. It could be that the first day you check to see that your sneakers are in the closet. The next day you might commit to putting on your shoes. The next day, you can choose to walk to your mailbox.

These small, but cumulative steps will keep overwhelm at bay, while bringing you closer to your goals and desires in a way that feels simple.

Some of the Common “Complexities” you Might Work with:

Lack of order – Clutter in your environment (even if you can’t see it)

Stress – Stress is inevitable, but if you are unable to release it at the end of the day, or feel totally overwhelmed by it, then you are overstressed. Make a list of stressors, then brainstorm on how to eliminate or change the impact.

Unhealthy Relationships – Be really honest about those relationships that may be draining or depleting, then come up with a plan. Set better boundaries, speak your truth and needs from the heart, or lovingly release them. A great way to nurture and grow the healthy relationships is to keep an appreciation or gratitude journal for that specific relationship. This feeds what you DO want.

Negativity – Where attention goes, energy flows. What we resist persists … and often grows. Shift your attention. Make it a practice.

Lifestyle – Do your daily routines, diet and lifestyle support you, your health and well-being? It’s as simple as shining the light, and then making the conscious choice to shift. Calling in the support you need to do this can add to lessening the overwhelm and complexity.

Leave a comment below to share what complexity you are letting go of … it might be different than those listed below. We can all support each other in this simple, powerful practice!

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