It Pays to Have “Good Energy”

Laughter definitely creates "good energy"

First, I want to admit that sharing all of what I am starting to share with you feels a little awkward because there’s a part of me that feels like I’m bragging or trying to sound better than . . . but I’m having to get over this.

As one of my coaches indirectly pointed out – I’ve been playing small.

I realized that part of starting to play “big” is not keeping really wonderful “secrets” to myself! If I don’t share with you out of fear of what you MIGHT think of me, well, I’m really just being selfish!

Now that I’m over my insecurities . . . it’s time to talk about energy.

Specifically “good energy”.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had people comment on my “good energy”, and say that they like just being around me. This sometimes makes me blush, sometimes makes me proud (because I have really been doing a lot “work” on myself), and other times just flat out surprises me!

“Really? You like my energy?!”

In the end, I’m always flattered.

Ego aside, what I’ve seen is that all this “good energy” is actually like a magical gift that attracts amazing people, things, experiences and opportunities!

Some of what I have experienced with this increase in my vibration are:

  • Getting free things at the market
  • People want to work with me because I have “good energy”
  • People want to give me things because I have “good energy”
  • I’ve started attracting other people with “good energy” into my life

I don’t want to make it sound like good energy is just about getting things, it also means feeling really fabulous . . .

  • Feeling at home and at peace in your body . . .
  • Feeling connected to those around you . . .
  • Feeling inspired to do good for yourself and others . . .
  • Enjoying a sense of knowing that everything always works out . . .

This is how I experience having “good energy”.

Raising your vibration, or creating good energy, is not about putting on a fake smile or never feeling a low, but rather about connecting to the REAL BEAUTY of life.

The beauty of love and of sorrow.

The beauty of joy and of pain.

The beauty of sunshine and of rain . . .

You get the point. : )

So, how did I go from having pretty lame energy to having this “good energy”?

And just how can YOU start cultivating your own “good energy”?

Well, a great start is by clearing the old, stuck energy and habits out. This makes space for the new, fresh, positive energy to flow in.

The first foundational gateway to raising your vibration is through the food that you eat.

Your Good Energy Assignment:

Get real and assess your diet.

Is the food you eat full of high-vibration, fresh, colorful, whole foods?

Does your plate hum with living enzymes, gorgeous healthy flavors, and light nourishment?

Or are you settling for less?

Are you compromising your own life energy for the sake of convenience or comfort?

The reality is that you don’t have to settle, you CAN have it all!

You can choose fresh, delicious, amazing, energizing foods that do not need to take half the day to prepare.

Take Action:

What quick, nourishing and delectable meal or dish do you know you could be creating for yourself (and your family), but aren’t?

Can you commit to doing that in the next week?

Put it on your calendar, and remember to schedule in any shopping you need to do . . . if it’s not on your calendar, most likely it won’t happen, right?

Committing to feeding your “good energy” with high vibration food is just the first step . . .

I’ll be revealing some deeper ways you can begin cultivating “good energy” right away in my upcoming FREE call: “Unleash Your Inner Diva: Sacred Secrets to Stop the Struggle and Start to Shine” on August 18th.

So be sure to register today to secure your spot on this extraordinary, high vibration teleclass. : )

The energy on this live call will be palpably exquisite and empowering . . . that is my promise to you.

If you will be unable to make the call live, I want to support you in making this happen . . . their will be a recording of the call (also loaded with high vibrational energy) sent to everyone that registers.

Just by registering alone, you take a big step toward embracing your inner diva and creating your own “good energy”. : )

Love and Healthy Bliss,


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